Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stars, Owls and Muppets & Teds.

Two lovely new ladies have joined the ranks of the Super Star Quilters and as a result we have received three new quilts for the children.
First up, after meeting me in Abakhan Fabric store, Sally made two quilts  and this one is a quartet of stars.
Thank you so much Sally!
No 78
The backing tones beautifully and it will surely be special for one of the older children and a keepsake. What a treasure.
This one she made for a little'un and the owls, flowers and butterflies will have great appeal.
No 79
The backing matches the border so effectively.
Josie, a friend of my neighbour, heard about the LillyBo appeal and made this super Muppet quilt with bold stripes of toning fabric, which is so effective.
Thanks so much Josie!
 It will be a treasure to comfort a little one whilst going through their treatment.
No 77
It came tucked into this great tote bag and you can see the soft cosy printed backing on the quilt beneath.
Jo Twiglet and Annie Wipso kindly sent another stash of Bravery Bead bags.
Thanks to you both!
Apologies, ladies, that I haven't posted them earlier... but I really thought I HAD! 
I can't say who made which ones as my grandees were admiring them and they became mixed up but there are so many in this photo.
Annie Wispo also sent another huge batch of tiny comfort bears which are so popular with the children and their families. I really think they work magic for everyone who gives a home to one of these special bears.
 This is the perfect little poem that Jo Twiglet wrote to accompany every one. Aaaaah!