Tuesday, 30 April 2013

CHICS Latest Delivery

Oh my word, apologies are needed as I really thought I'd posted this last week but I have just found it in my drafts. I've been so mad busy that I missed it!
Here's Eddie, Mr CHICS receiving the latest batch of quilts at the unit. I forgot to count but I think there were a dozen all bagged up, neatly folded in their totes, all ready for their new owners. Eddie has a list so he can write to our Super Star Stitchers in thanks and he also has a list of some of the recipients so I can let you all know bit by bit just who is that special little child now cuddling up with your quilt. 
Can you spot your's below?

The winners of the stamp plates donated by Carol of Stampattack are as follows...
Mamma Pez
Annie Wipso
A couple of you don't stamp so asked me to re-draw if you win but I cannot remember who said this! If you are on the list as a winner you can always gift it on to another stamper or tell me again and I'll daw another name. 
It's your's, you've won, and you can do with it as you like!
Thanks go to Carol for donating the Sleepy Heads stamp plates.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Ali's Bunnies, No 38

Thanks so much to Alison CB, from Daresbury in Cheshire, who has made a super Peter Rabbit Quilt, The first one Alison has made but it's 
No 38 for LilyBo Quilts.
The matching tote bag...
Such lovely fabric Alison chose and these bunnies are getting up to all sorts of mischief which will be great fun for cuddles with a little child in hospital.
I've caught up now posting the quilts which I have received and which will all soon be with their new owners. 
Next is for me to draw the blog candy prize of 6 plates of stamps kindly donated by Carol of Stampattack. The draw is long overdue but life has intervened and I know you will forgive me for not being able to get it organised. Still yime to join as a follower and there will be one of the plates specifically drawn for followers, even if you haven't made a quilt but the rest will be drawn specially for the Super Star Stitchers and SeH who made all those lovely cards.
I'll get to it asap over the next day or two!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tilly's Teds & Alphabets for Quilt No 37

Tilly's Ted's tumble in for quilt 
a pretty mix of pastel coloured teddy bears on such a lovely fabric and the contrast is a lighter fabric with little Alphabet letters scattered all over it.
Here you can see the tote bag with Hello Kitty popping out of the pocket and you can see the lovely soft, cuddly pink fleece that backs the quilt.
This close up shows the detail perfectly.......
Thanks to Tilly for yet another super gift to LillyBo Quilts that is going to be so well loved.

Next up will be Alison's quilt that I collected when I was lucky enough to visit her new house last week.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Animals & Butterflies from Twiglet (35 & 36)

Quilt No 36
Here's another gem from Jo Twiglet who (like most of you) still manages to stitch and create, and think of others, whilst leading such a busy life. 
This week there will be a wedding in the family as Jo's daughter gets married on Saturday. Hope it's a wonderful day and Best Wishes, Good Luck and Happiness to the Bride and Groom.

This fabulous quilt will be ideal to capture the interest of a younger child, and comfort them too, with all the little animals in the fabric squares and Jo has appliqued some of her own creations really effectively around the centre panel.
Here's the handy tote bag with a soft little kitty popping out of the pocket
Some details of the cute appliqued motifs
Love this one, it's like a brother of Bagpuss! Great expression!
Quilt No 35
 is a flurry of dragonflies and butterflies in bright primary colours
This matching butterfly, made out of the same fabric pops in the pocket as a little keepsake.
Thanks so much Jo for two lovely donations and thanks to you and all the Super Star Stitchers for your quilt creations. Heading for 40 and still a couple more in hand from Tilly and Alison CB to post, and they'll all be given over to 
for distribution at the unit this week.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Chicks to CHICS from Annie

A super quilt from Annie Wipso in primary colours with lots of tiny Easter chicks
Quilt No 34
Here you can see the detail of this cute fabric and also the gorgeous beautifully knitted little duck that Annie made to pop in the pocket of this tote bag as a surprise.
Recently Annie made around 30 Tiny Teds (sorry I missed the head count) and sent them with instructions to use as I wished. They were immediately pounced on by friends and neighbours who gave generous donations for several of them raising £40 for CHICS. The rest have gone to the hospital unit and Eddie will give some to the children and any remaining will soon sell on the reception desk.
Each comes with this special poem written by the talented LillyBo Poet Laureate, Annie's sister Jo Twiglet.
I know personally that these are very special little bears having carried one with me everywhere I've travelled over the last couple of years. It was sent to me by Annie when our little one was first going through her treatment and I keep it with a very special curl.  She is now doing so well and has a beautiful head of curly hair again. 
This little bear really helped me through!
This project is not all about making money, it is to make special comfort quilts for the children who are going through their treatments on their journeys to health. However as we've gone along I have received several generous donations ... gifts from customers at the demonstration day I did for Card-io in Wigan in return for my templates and samples, a generous cheque later in the post from Kathy in Ormskirk who had enjoyed the day so much, some money from Sue H to pay for something I didn't want paying for and now the £40 for the Tiny Teds from Annie. This totalled a big fat £123 which has gone to the CHICS funds and will be put to good use to help provide treats and days out during the Summer for the children.
Huge thanks to everyone for being so very kind.

A Riot of Colour from Janet

I'm on catch up now as I have several lovely quilts in hand which will be delivered to the children this week. After being ill with the bug that the Brighton Belles kindly brought with them I wasn't 100% when I left for the Art Specially show in Holland and whilst I did have a good time there it was busy and so tiring and I have not been up to scratch healthwise since I returned. I'm feeling much better today so let's take the opportunity to share some wonderful quilts which have arrived and HUGE apologies to you all for the delay.
Super colours and lovely applique from Janet Fairythoughts for 
Quilt No 33
Janet had the fantastic idea to make the bag into a game. The isdes are fastened with Velcro ......
and inside there is a noughts and crosses type game and the game pieces are made from Suffolk Puffs in two different colours. They attach onto the red fleece with tabs of Velcro. 
Such a novel idea Janet.. .. you could market it!
More quilts to come from Super Star Stitchers, Jo Twiglet, Annie Wipso, Tilly and Alison CB.