Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bumper Bundle of Bravery Bead Bags

Jo (Twiglet) in Powis, asked me if we needed anything at the moment and I gratefully took up her offer as there was a great need for more Bravery Bead Bags. No sooner had I spoken then two parcels arrived within a couple of days and Jo had made a bumper 20 bags!! 
She really is a star and I know they will be very happy to have them in the unit.
Jo didn't just make plain bags but used her talents to appliqué designs on the bags. This helps each child to identify their own bag. 
Each bead is precious as it is given for a procedure to mark the progress of their treatment. 
Plenty of hearts
A car and a motor bike
and my favourite is this dinosaur.
A bumper vote of thanks goes out to Jo.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Quilt 100 from Osset

What a milestone, we've reached 100 quilts with the arrival of this cutie from Osset in West Yorkshire. It was made by Pat, the friend of Lisa's Mother in law and it was entirely stitched by hand. 
Lisa (of the Craftgarden blog) was kind enough to post it here and it has already gone to the unit ready to keep a special little one cosy and happy during treatments.
A super cosy fleece for the perfect cosy backing .
I also made and delivered another batch of Bravery Bead Bags in some fun fabrics.