Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stars, Owls and Muppets & Teds.

Two lovely new ladies have joined the ranks of the Super Star Quilters and as a result we have received three new quilts for the children.
First up, after meeting me in Abakhan Fabric store, Sally made two quilts  and this one is a quartet of stars.
Thank you so much Sally!
No 78
The backing tones beautifully and it will surely be special for one of the older children and a keepsake. What a treasure.
This one she made for a little'un and the owls, flowers and butterflies will have great appeal.
No 79
The backing matches the border so effectively.
Josie, a friend of my neighbour, heard about the LillyBo appeal and made this super Muppet quilt with bold stripes of toning fabric, which is so effective.
Thanks so much Josie!
 It will be a treasure to comfort a little one whilst going through their treatment.
No 77
It came tucked into this great tote bag and you can see the soft cosy printed backing on the quilt beneath.
Jo Twiglet and Annie Wipso kindly sent another stash of Bravery Bead bags.
Thanks to you both!
Apologies, ladies, that I haven't posted them earlier... but I really thought I HAD! 
I can't say who made which ones as my grandees were admiring them and they became mixed up but there are so many in this photo.
Annie Wispo also sent another huge batch of tiny comfort bears which are so popular with the children and their families. I really think they work magic for everyone who gives a home to one of these special bears.
 This is the perfect little poem that Jo Twiglet wrote to accompany every one. Aaaaah!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Janet Fairythoughts Pink & Blue & More Bravery Bead Bags

The lovely Super Star Stitcher, Janet Fairythoughts from Southampton, kindly sent two quilts which have already been given to the unit. 
One pink and one blue, both with super motifs for play and learning. 
Quilt 66
has a numbers theme with perfect pink images for a baby girl.
This handy tote and book goes with it.
Quilt 67 
with cute jungle animals will be fabulous fun for a special little boy. 
Jungle book with also help pass the time in hospital.
I've been busy making dozens of bags for the Bravery Bead Awards and I keep finding new fabric designs to make them fun and different. 
I try not to make more then couple in the same fabric so the children can easily identify their own special bag but, just in case there is a mix up, I add a label for their names.

More bags including plenty suitable for the boys

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Chat & Craft Group Triumph!

Quilts 68 to 76
This lovely group of ladies presented me with several lovely quilts they had made in their Chat & Craft Group in Childwall.
 After meeting Pat (on the right) a while ago during my time at Abakhan, I was invited along to meet the rest of the group and I was astounded when they presented me with the generous result of their group's endeavours. 
Here are a few of the quilt makers with their lovely array of quilts.
Some gorgeous fabrics and one quilt was crocheted and attached by hand to a cuddly fleece backing. 
The long shape is a super stretchy toy ready to go along with the quilt.
Some quilts were hand embroidered with traditional quilting motifs and each one came tucked inside a bag made from a simply perfect fabric which was printed with illustrations of cute little doctors, nurses and patients! 
Some came with these cute knitted soft toys.
The children will love them all.
A special clown panel features on this one.
Here's a close up of the bag fabric and toys.
I delivered these quilts last week to the unit but when I called in to visit the ladies again this week there was another quilt waiting and this time it was a full single bed sized one with Chicks on the yellow fabric.
The bag was appliquéd with sweet little chicks to compliment the quilt.
Thank you so much to all the ladies of Chat & Craft for their wonderful combined efforts and whilst you all have a good natter in your group meeting you also manage to do lots of worthwhile crafting too!
They have now joined the elite ranks of Super Star Stitchers for LillyBo Quilts.

Soon you can see two more lovely quilts, in pink and blue, from Janet Fairythoughts so pop back in a day or so.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Family Super Star Stitchers

 New Super Star Stitchers join the ranks from family members of children who are in, or attending, the unit and who have already each  received their own LillyBo quilt. 
Thanks so much and how lovely that they have joined in to help make quilts for other children and can find time to think of others whilst they are going through so much themselves.
   Quilt No 55 
(the number was allotted a while ago by request so the name label could be embroidered.)
This was made by a mother from Wirral, just over the River Mersey, or under if you go through one of our two tunnels! 
This will brighten and comfort a  young girl's life for sure. 
A super huge matching tote goes with it.
Quilt No 56
These following quilts were so kindly made by one of the grandmothers in Liverpool.
The first is really suitable for an older child with bold stripes and patterned fabrics.
The tote is huge and I'm sure will be really handy for all those trips back and forth to the hospital.
Quilt No 57
Great jungle prints and toning colours for this one.
There's also a cuddly little NooNoo as well as a big tote bag.
Quilt No 64
Soft baby colours for this one with a lovely rabbit picture. There's a story waiting to be told about this one.
Another NooNoo and Giant tote and you can see the soft spotty fleece on the backing.
Quilt No 65
Bold blocks of checks and stripes here for another super quilt.
I bet there'll be a Mum wanting to keep this stripey tote bag for herself just like so many of the other mums do!!
Thanks so much to these thoughtful family members for providing such lovely quilts for the children.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Last Session at Abakhan & Tilly's Visit

It was so lovely to be surprised today with a visit from Super Star Stitcher Tilly who popped into the Abakhan store where I have been introducing the customers to patchwork, once a week over eight weeks.  
For the full story and more pictures you should visit JoZart Blog. 
It has been a worthwhile series of demonstrations with lots of lovely people visiting, surprise visits from  quite a few blogging buddies, including Jo & Annie. Great enthusiasm and lots of ideas passed on as well as some new recruits to make quilts for the children.
 Thanks to Abakhan and their staff for all their support and sponsorship and they have asked me to go back next Spring, ....Yeah! I'm thrilled.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bravery Bead Bags & Quilts from Jo & Annie

Beads of Courage
We're adding something new to our expertise by making these little bags to hold Bravery Beads.
The beads are given to the children as an award to mark each stage of their treatment and progress. 
There are beads for different processes and for their courage.
Below are the ones my little granddaughter received in Germany, one by one and now she has finished her treatment they remind us of all she went through so bravely. The last one marked such a an important point.
 It has a little flower on it and she called it her "Bloomsie Bead"
No sooner had I mentioned that the unit had started awarding the children these special beads and that we had been requested to make the bags to keep them in....  through the post within a week came 10 special bags from Super Star Stitcher Jo in Powys. Thanks so much Jo and that makes a total of 20 bags donated already but I forgot to photograph the ones I made. 
Apologies that I've been so lax in posting the quilts which have been so generously donated over the last couple of weeks but at first I was so busy to get time then the computer was off and needed a new modem.

Quilt No 61 
from a lovely lady, Dot in Birkenhead, who visited me specially in Abakhan store and then soon came in with this lovely cheery one with a great use of colour and some super prints.
Thanks so much Dot
Annie and Jo came all the way from Shropshire to surprise me, kindly transported by Annie's lovely husband. What a joy it was to meet them both at long last and what a fun day we enjoyed together. 
They brought lots of goodies for CHICS fundraising sale and two new quilts for the children.

No 62 
from Annie (Wipso)in Shropshire made this lovely colourful quilt which will provide so much fun for a little one to play and learn.

She also added a little handy zip bag, a tote and a Zebra sock puppet to compliment the images on the fabric. The Zebra is great to play with and I couldn't leave it alone!
No 63 from Jo (Twiglet) in Powys is a real girly treat in lilac with lots of little characters she drew and appliqued with stitches herself. 
Along with a tote bag there is a row of dancing dollies for a special little Miss to enjoy playing with and they attach by their hands with Velcro. 
Great idea that I'm sure I'll steal one day.
I just love this little Miss... isn't she cute?
Thanks so much to all three of you and there will be more quilts very soon that have been kindly made by some of the families of the children in the unit so keep popping in!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Super Cards from Sue!

Such a lovely surprise arrived recently from Sue H, who sent yet another welcome package of her Super Special Cards to keep up the stocks. 
These beautiful cards are given out with each quilt to explain all about how and why LillyBo Quilts started. The cards also have a lovely little poem inside to help support the recipients and they have been a real hit with the families.
Here's a feast for your eyes showing all the cards Sue lovingly made this time and a few showing all the detail she puts into them.

Thanks so much Sue from me, CHICS, all the children and their families. 
They mean so much!

After being so busy, and then without my computer for a while until the modem was replaced, I'm now getting back to normality and so I will be putting up several posts over the next day or two of all the latest quilts to arrive. 
The children who have already received a quilt are loving them and making good use of them. Some have even discarded their old cuddle blankets in favour of their LillyBo Quilt!