Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Chat & Craft Group Triumph!

Quilts 68 to 76
This lovely group of ladies presented me with several lovely quilts they had made in their Chat & Craft Group in Childwall.
 After meeting Pat (on the right) a while ago during my time at Abakhan, I was invited along to meet the rest of the group and I was astounded when they presented me with the generous result of their group's endeavours. 
Here are a few of the quilt makers with their lovely array of quilts.
Some gorgeous fabrics and one quilt was crocheted and attached by hand to a cuddly fleece backing. 
The long shape is a super stretchy toy ready to go along with the quilt.
Some quilts were hand embroidered with traditional quilting motifs and each one came tucked inside a bag made from a simply perfect fabric which was printed with illustrations of cute little doctors, nurses and patients! 
Some came with these cute knitted soft toys.
The children will love them all.
A special clown panel features on this one.
Here's a close up of the bag fabric and toys.
I delivered these quilts last week to the unit but when I called in to visit the ladies again this week there was another quilt waiting and this time it was a full single bed sized one with Chicks on the yellow fabric.
The bag was appliquéd with sweet little chicks to compliment the quilt.
Thank you so much to all the ladies of Chat & Craft for their wonderful combined efforts and whilst you all have a good natter in your group meeting you also manage to do lots of worthwhile crafting too!
They have now joined the elite ranks of Super Star Stitchers for LillyBo Quilts.

Soon you can see two more lovely quilts, in pink and blue, from Janet Fairythoughts so pop back in a day or so.


  1. what beautiful quilts made with love love the cute little dolls as well
    Tilly x

  2. These are all beautiful. What talented and generous folk! kate x

  3. Oh Jo, how wonderful, There will be some more happy kiddies when they receive their quilts, thanks to the ladies of the group.

    Hopefully you still have a few of my cards in hand to go with them and don’t need any more just yet.

    Happy Sewing!

  4. Jo those are just stunning....the quilt making is spreading and isn't it just lovely that these poorly children are surrounded by the love of others to help them through their makes you feel all warm inside. :-)
    Annie x

  5. What a lovely group of ladies and so talented

  6. Oh how lovely, the quilts are all beautiful and totally unique too! What a lovely bunch of super star stitchers these ladies are!!


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