Tuesday 3 March 2015

Bumper Bundle of Bravery Bead Bags

Jo (Twiglet) in Powis, asked me if we needed anything at the moment and I gratefully took up her offer as there was a great need for more Bravery Bead Bags. No sooner had I spoken then two parcels arrived within a couple of days and Jo had made a bumper 20 bags!! 
She really is a star and I know they will be very happy to have them in the unit.
Jo didn't just make plain bags but used her talents to appliqué designs on the bags. This helps each child to identify their own bag. 
Each bead is precious as it is given for a procedure to mark the progress of their treatment. 
Plenty of hearts
A car and a motor bike
and my favourite is this dinosaur.
A bumper vote of thanks goes out to Jo.

Saturday 31 January 2015

Quilt 100 from Osset

What a milestone, we've reached 100 quilts with the arrival of this cutie from Osset in West Yorkshire. It was made by Pat, the friend of Lisa's Mother in law and it was entirely stitched by hand. 
Lisa (of the Craftgarden blog) was kind enough to post it here and it has already gone to the unit ready to keep a special little one cosy and happy during treatments.
A super cosy fleece for the perfect cosy backing .
I also made and delivered another batch of Bravery Bead Bags in some fun fabrics.

Saturday 8 November 2014

Marion's Memory Quilt

Two super quilts arrived from Anne in Walsall, who sent them on behalf of their makers... her friend's Mum, Marion  and her friend's cousin Lynne. 
Many thanks ladies.
Marion was 90 when she made her quilt and, sadly, she died shortly after she finished it so it is quite a special treasure for it to be donated in her memory. Sincere thanks to her family for sending it and also sincerest sympathy. Such a lovely gesture which will bring some joy to a little child during their treatment.
No 99
The bag shows the wonderful kitten illustrations which are also in the quilt.
Here we have lots of playful teddies all over this fun quilt.
No 98

Bravery Bead Bags
When I took these super bravery bead bags into the unit, they were received with great glee as they had just run out of them. 
Thanks so much to Tilly in Leigh, who stitched and lined them beautifully, in such super fabrics. 
I'll have to get cracking and make some more soon as I'm sure these will all be given out pretty soon.
Eddie, of CHICS the cancer care and support group, told me that one of the parents had raised enough funds to provide the Bravery Beads for all of the children for a whole year!

Sunday 14 September 2014

Dot's Duo!

Here's another batch of quilts from Dot of New Ferry in Wirral. Dot had met me in Abakhan when I was demonstrating basic quilting, raising funds and supporting both LillyBo quilts and CHICKS children's cancer care support service. As a result Dot kindly decided to help by making these two great quilts, aimed especially for the older boys.
Quilt No 96
This blue geometric quilt has cosy brushed cotton backing.
Quilt 97
This will be so perfect for a young patient who loves cars.
Thanks so much Dot for all your expertise which will really be appreciated.

Blue Teds from Shaz!

So many cute pictures of Teds in this wonderful gingham quilt from Shaz in Redditch, Worcester.
Quilt No 93
Another cute Ted tucked in the pocket of the tote bag and you can see the cuddly fleece backing of the quilts too.

Thanks so much Shaz, it will make a little boy or girl really happy and comfort      them during their long treatments.

Not So New Arrivals!

Pat in Bowring Park, Liverpool has been really busy and has created four super quilts, tote bags and some hand made toys.
Sincere apologies that these quilts have not been posted on the blog before now so hence the title of "Not So New Arrivals" but they were taken to the unit soon after I received them.
I have had so much going on in my life that I uploaded the photos and forgot I had not posted them. 
My daughters and each set of grandies have each been to stay and I have also been to Germany but the major interruption since then has been a glitch in my health which has really put me down for a while. I'm still undergoing tests and trying to get my head around it all but, rest assured, I'm OK. I'm just not used to hospital visits and being anything other than 100% fit and healthy. Anyhow, less of me and more of the super results thanks to all of Pat's lovely work.
Quilt No 89
Super fabrics to cheer a little girl.

No 90

No 91

No 92

Next post is  a quilt from Redditch from Shaz

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Bravery Bead Bags

I have just delivered a batch of Bravery Bead Bags to the oncology unit, kindly sent from Jo in Powys and they were so well received. 
Thanks so much Jo for sending them and they will very soon hold the children's well earned treasured beads.
A wonderful, bright, collection of around 18 bags in many colours and such a variety of designs to suit all ages. My favourite has to be the one with the tabby cat, right in the middle. Some have applique motifs which is a good way for the children to identify their own bag.
Another act of generousity from a Super Star Stitcher ... thanks Jo (Twiglet)