Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dot's Duo!

Here's another batch of quilts from Dot of New Ferry in Wirral. Dot had met me in Abakhan when I was demonstrating basic quilting, raising funds and supporting both LillyBo quilts and CHICKS children's cancer care support service. As a result Dot kindly decided to help by making these two great quilts, aimed especially for the older boys.
Quilt No 96
This blue geometric quilt has cosy brushed cotton backing.
Quilt 97
This will be so perfect for a young patient who loves cars.
Thanks so much Dot for all your expertise which will really be appreciated.


  1. These are so fab for older boys, I bet they will be well loved, wondered where you had got to.........sorry to hear of your health problems, give me a shout if there is anything I can do. Hope you are soon fully fit again
    Hugs Tilly x

  2. Lovely to see masculine quilts for the older boys, great colours and design by Dot!!


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