Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pea Pods from Tilly

Tilly personally delivered 3 super quilts on Saturday whilst I was doing a demonstration day at Cardio Shop in Wigan and caused quite a sensation when some of the other ladies saw them. Two new ladies even offered to make a LilyBo Quilt and in return for all the crafty items (including some chocky mini eggs) which I gave out as I demonstrated, and various instruction leaflets and templates, I received generous donations for CHICS totalling over £53 from all of the lovely customers.

Tilly made two baby quilts from the sweetest fabric which had tiny babies in pea pods printed on it.
This green one is quilt 
No 30
The fabric design can be seen in detail on the tote bag with the cute little ted peeking out of the pocket.
No 31 
also has the pea pods fabric with pink panels for a little girl
and Hello Kitty fits nicely as a little pocket surprise.
For a slightly bigger quilt, Tilly has used pink and blue with butterflies, stripes, and spots.
No 32
You can see the cosy pink fleece backing
It was so lovely to meet up with Tilly for the first time and we got on so well that I'm sure we'll get together again before long. She came with her friend Sue and they initially expected to just pop in to deliver the quilts but ended up in the shop staying for 4 hours, watching my demonstrations, having a coffee and a chat and buying up half of the shop!
Jo (me) and Tilly 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sleepy Heads Blog Candy

 has very kindly donated several plates of stamps to us as blog candy.

Thanks so much Carol and it's a nice little thank you to all the Super Star Stitchers and followers too.
So often the quilt makers state that they don't want any rewards but they all certainly deserve a token of thanks for all the work and cost involved to make this appeal so successful. 

If you are a Super Star Stitcher stitcher, (even if you have not finished your quilt) you will automatically be entered into the draw and there will be a chance to win one of 5 plates of stamps.

One other plate will be drawn just for followers, even if you have not made a quilt, we are just grateful you are interested enough to pop in and see what's happening at LillyBo Quilts and CHICS.

If you already pop in time to time just add your name to the list of followers to be included in the draw.

I designed the plate for Carol a couple of years ago and, appropriately, it features two little girls in bed under a patchwork quilt.... note the gazunder!

Here's a quick card showing the main image.
Just a note;
The smaller size half plate includes most of the images below and it does, of course, include the sleepy heads in the cot with the quilt over them. (The doll's pram, teddies and duck will not be included.)

I'll leave this offer open until after I return from Germany  but in the mean time keep an eye out to see Tilly's latest THREE quilts which I will post soon.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Pink for a Girl, Blue for a Boy

Woo hoo!
Give it up for Lisa M, of Yorkshire, who has made two lovely quilts... 
Pink for a Girl & Blue for a Boy. 
The super animal panels she used to make them will keep two little children cosy and amused whilst undergoing all their treatments.
Here's another Super Star Stitcher to have made their very first quilts ever and Lisa has taken lots of time to stitch around all those circles.
I love the animal sounds printed on this one, Oink, Oink! Also the chocolate brown and pink makes a great colour scheme.
No 28 Pink for a Girl
Here's the accompanying handy tote bag and you can see the cosy pink fleece on the back too.
Lisa's No 2 Blue for a Boy, makes quilt 
No 29
With more cute animals to entertain a special little one.
Thanks so much to Lisa for making them with so much love and care and thanks also in advance to her Mum and her friend who, Lisa tells me, are also busy sewing away for LilyBo Quilts,... wonderful!
Apologies for not getting these posted yesterday as I expected, but DH and I took advantage of a lovely rare sunny day to head off into Wales to enjoy a fabulous day out in Llandudno on the coast.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Toby's Quilt

I'm so thrilled to show you the photos from last week when I handed over, on your behalf,  a huge batch of LillyBo Quilts to CHICKS at the hospital unit. 
As you can see the star of the show is little Toby who zoomed in to the kit bag containing the Nautical themed quilt (made by Janet aka Fairythoughts in Hampshire) and immediately took ownership.
This time we left the quilts neatly packed up in their bags, as it takes ages to pack them away, but it is still an impressive display of which you should all be so proud.
Here's Eddie and me, with Toby, quilt in hand, and he was quite bothered when it had to go back into it's kit bag.
I've got to spill the beans....(Sorry Eddie!)
 the children all call Eddie Mr Chick or Mr Chicken!!! Cute!
Toby, aged 3, is such a lovely little fellow and his Mum told me that he is progressing really well, with only 6 months more of treatment left, which is so good to hear. 
She was kind enough to allow his picture to appear on this blog.
Tomorrow, look out for Lisa's quilts

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lilac Dream & Cats Galore

Amazingly, the first post for the LillyBo Quilts appeal was only on 21st January and the first quilt arrived within days and here we are with almost 30 made and donated to CHICS, all within 7 weeks! 
29 quilts in 49 days 
or an average of 4 quilts a week. 
What Super Star Stitchers you are for sure but most of all, what generous and lovely people. I can't say it enough..... but once again...
Between you you must have stitched a hundred miles of love and care into them.

Two more beautiful treasures
With thanks to  Jo (Twiglet) 
Quilt No 26
First of all this sweet little baby one, a mini work of art, with a cute soft elephant blowing heart shaped bubbles, all appliqued in the prettiest of fabrics. The lilac and lime is such a lovely colour scheme too.
The theme continues with the little characters hopping over to appear on the tote bag and Jo has even made one of her super little toys to pop into the pocket.
Here's a close up of the applique which has given me a reminder to use some of those extra stitches on my sewing machine. The machine blanket stitch around these motifs looks so effective.
Here's one for all you cat lovers out there. Fabulous fabric and this will do wonderfully well for a girl or a boy of any age too.
Quilt No 27
Jo's  little extra surprise, with this one, is a super soft feline sock toy! 
Look at that smile on it's face, like the cat that got the cream!
I still have the two from Lisa to go and I'm told there are more in the hands of some of the super stitchers almost ready to join them. So as usual... keep watching! 
Don't forget, if you haven't done so already, and you've made a LillyBo Quilt,  grab a Super Star Stitcher button to proudly display on your sidebar.
They are on last Tuesday's, 5th March post.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sue's Super Cards & Noah's Ark from Annie

Here's the latest stash of Sue's (of Essex) super cards, a couple of dozen in fact, which are proving to be a great hit with the family's of the children who have received their quilts.
The first batch of letters has been posted from CHICS to some of the stitchers and Eddie will write to the rest of you just as soon as he can.

A close up peek at all the detail Sue puts into them.
Quilt 25 Made by Annie (Wipso) in Shrophire
Is a cute baby version of Noah's Ark which will be a great story telling aid for one of the little ones.
 Annie also picked one of the characters to knit up into this super cute lion and one of the motifs of the lion was appliqued onto the tote bag

Thanks so much Annie....What a fun bag full for whoever receives it!
Two from Jo (Twiglet) probably tomorrow and they will be followed by, not one, but  two, from Lisa (of Lisa's Craft Garden) in a day or two. These are Lisa's first and she generously made one for a boy and one for a girl.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Twiglet's Teddy Blue Quilt

Today I was so very proud of all you stitchers! 
I went to the hospital oncology unit to give the next consignment of quilts to Eddie of CHICS and he and the staff were so thrilled to receive them. 
Whilst we were there in the parent's room a lovely little 3 year old boy came to see what was happening and nabbed the kit bag, containing Janet's Yacht Quilt, so we told him all about the quilts just before his Mummy came over and told him to put it back. When we told her what they were for she was so thrilled especially when Eddie asked Toby on the spot if he'd like to keep it! 
Toby's Mother especially wanted one of the cards too and was so very touched when she read inside. 

Eddie has been asked by staff and parents if we make them to sell and everyone is amazed when he tells them why we do it and that they are given with good heart by caring crafters! All praise indeed to you all!

Doh! I forgot my camera but when we asked Toby's Mum to take a photo with Eddie's phone she asked if Toby could be in the pic! So cute! I'll post it just as soon as Eddie transfers it to his computer and sends it to me. 
It was wonderful to see the joy you have all helped create. 
BTW...Little Toby is doing well and has only 6 more months of treatment to go.

The first batch of letters will be in the post tomorrow in thanks from CHICS!

(Hope you've all grabbed a button and are displaying it with due pride)

Now catch up of one of the lovely quilts delivered today and this super bundle of Teds comes from Super Star Stitcher.... ta, dah!!!

No 24
I love the quirky layout of the pieces in the quilt and the bag and Ted made from the same fabric is a cute little extra popped in the pocket. The red satin edging finishes it all off so strikingly.
Thanks so much to Annie (Wipso)
Thanks for any comments and for looking in and there are more to come over the next few days so keep visiting.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Perfect in Pink

Day by day, in order of receipt I'm adding posts of all the fabulous batch of quilts which arrived whilst I was away last week and next we have another super one of Annie's (Wipso) quilts which is so pretty in pink with lots of little teddies and flowers amongst it's lovely fabrics. Pretty satin bound edges finish it beautifully.
Big TYTYTY to Annie for making.....tah dah!!! 
Quilt No 23
As well as a super tote bag Annie has made a cutie little Teddy from the matching fabric to pop in the pocket as a surprise extra.
Amazingly there are still four more to be posted from the Super Stitching Sisters Jo and Annie (of Sisters Crafty Creations)  

Super Star Stitchers
That's just what you are!
I've received yet another super bumper bundle of fabulous cards from SueH (huge TYTYTY to her for all the work making them) and I will show them very soon. 
Sue has kindly given me permission to offer a picture of one of her special cards as a
Super Star Stitcher Award Button
 for all stitchers who make quilts for this project. 
I'm giving you all a choice of colours (and there is also a couple for Sue to choose from with just Super Star as she doesn't stitch) so do make sure you take and display the right one for you.
Just choose blue or yellow, copy and paste and add to your side bar with the link to this blog. You'll see I've added one to the blog.
Post it as an award too on your blogs... you all deserve one!

I do know that the response to the next point will be that you don't do it for rewards but I just want to express my gratitude in my own way so...there will also be a small hand made surprise item as a gift from me, just as soon as I can finish them but first I do need your choice of a colours. No arguments.. .I'll send one anyhow so you might as well have your favourite colours!

Let me know your palette of 3 favourite (wearable) colours for me to complete them,  ASAP, please!

Last,, but certainly not least, there will soon be a draw for prizes to thank quilt makers and also a prize for followers, for their support, so keep popping in to make sure you don't miss it. Full info soon.
  Carol of will be kindly sponsoring us with prizes. 

For now... grab a button from below!

Super Star Sue's below....

Monday, 4 March 2013

Sail Away with Janet!

Thanks go out today to Janet in Hertfordshire who has chosen a flotilla of yachts, waves and pennants for this fabulous jaunty nautical number. Super fabric, made up beautifully into a lovely cosy keepsake.
Quilt 22 
Janet had the brilliant idea to add a kit bag to hold the quilt with a Pirate Treasure book inside too! 
Still more to come this week as I have 5 more to post from Annie and Jo of Sisters Crafty Creations keep watching!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

TWO from Tilly on a Special Day

I arrived back from Brighton last night to a stack of parcels which had arrived during my week away and DH had saved them, in order of arrival, for me to open. It was as good as a birthday for me to reveal the super contents now filling my dining table.
Thank you so much to Tilly, Janet, Annie and Jo for sending between you eight beautiful quilts and tote bags which all had special little extras tucked inside.
It makes this a very special weekend as so many lovely, kind, generous, caring, thoughtful, stitching crafters have provided so much fun and comfort for children, who are undergoing such harsh hospital treatments, on their journey back to good health.
I cannot praise them enough!
The big news today is that our own little fraulein has just reached the end of her two years of treatment and we are so lucky to have a happy healthy little girl who will now just be monitored regularly over the future months and years to make sure she stays that way for always.
Here's the inspiration for Lillybo Quilts, now 3 years 6 months old, smiling as ever, and just look at those curls !!
She has been so brave and cheerful throughout all she had to endure at such a young age and her amazing Mamma and Papa have coped valiantly.
We are so proud and love them all so much and thank everyone who helped on this journey and to all now participating in this collective act of thanks.
I will post each of the quilts, day by day, in order of receipt and the first TWO parcels arrived from Tilly from Leigh in Lancashire.
No 20
No 20 from Tilly is another super quilt, similar to her last one, which she made from the fabric she had left over. It is filled with fun characters, dinosaurs and alphabets, numbers and animals which will provide lots of fun and comfort for a little one in hospital.
No 21
No 21 from Tilly is quite a bit bigger and will be perfectly suited to an older child. It's such a pretty lilac theme with butterflies, flowers, checks and spots and the backing is a toning lilac, cuddly fleece.
Keep watching this week as there are five more new arrivals to be seen!

If you go to my first post via the archives on the sidebar you can read all about the inspiration behind this collective project.