Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Toby's Quilt

I'm so thrilled to show you the photos from last week when I handed over, on your behalf,  a huge batch of LillyBo Quilts to CHICKS at the hospital unit. 
As you can see the star of the show is little Toby who zoomed in to the kit bag containing the Nautical themed quilt (made by Janet aka Fairythoughts in Hampshire) and immediately took ownership.
This time we left the quilts neatly packed up in their bags, as it takes ages to pack them away, but it is still an impressive display of which you should all be so proud.
Here's Eddie and me, with Toby, quilt in hand, and he was quite bothered when it had to go back into it's kit bag.
I've got to spill the beans....(Sorry Eddie!)
 the children all call Eddie Mr Chick or Mr Chicken!!! Cute!
Toby, aged 3, is such a lovely little fellow and his Mum told me that he is progressing really well, with only 6 months more of treatment left, which is so good to hear. 
She was kind enough to allow his picture to appear on this blog.
Tomorrow, look out for Lisa's quilts


  1. Beautiful photos Jo, little Toby looks so chuffed with his quilt.
    It’s such an amazing project and it wouldn’t have got off the ground if it wasn’t for you, so it’s a Big Big thanks to you too.

  2. Me again.
    I meant to say that I received my lovely letter from Eddie this morning.
    I didn’t join in with the project because I wanted or needed thanks and I’m sure that everyone else involved feels the same too, but having said that it was very nice to receive the letter and hear personally that what we are doing is making a difference in some way.
    Thank you Eddie for taking the time to write to us………..…as if you don’t have enough to do looking after all the children and their families.

  3. What a beautiful photo....Long may Toby continue to improve...what a cutie.
    Huge thanks to Mr Chick [oops sorry Eddie] and your good self Jo for the wonderful jobs you are both doing.
    Hugs to you all,
    Annie x

  4. well done Toby for getting first dibs lol. Hope his treatment is soon finished and good health returns, how nice that Eddie 'Mr Chicks' must have lots of satisfaction in the work he does.
    Heart warming pic

  5. Beautiful photos Jo! Toby is such a little cutie. I got my letter from Eddie today and was quite moved to hear where my quilt went. Thanks to Eddie for sending the letter and to you Jo for making it all happen! Hugs, Anne x

  6. It is really lovely to have the photo of the three of you, and we all hope that Toby continues on his journey to full health, he is such a sweet little guy.

    Just wanted to add that I had a lovely letter from Eddie, and wanted to thank him for taking the time to write to each of us personally, it was a lovely thought and deed.

  7. great photos....... it is lovely to see such a happy smiley little face (Toby's ) I am glad he liked the quilt.... it makes it all the more worth while. You should feel very proud Jo.
    I hope you have my address correctly as I am in hampshire not hertfordshire.

  8. Lovely photos Jo and so lovely to see Toby receiving his very own quilt, x

  9. I received my letter too! Thank you for the PS :)
    I just feel the same way as the others....the look on Toby's face is thanks enough.
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  10. What a little treasure Toby is. Thanks for sharing the pic. x jo

  11. What an adorable little boy! I hope the rest of his treatments go well. I imagine the joy and love you feel for these kids is sometimes overwhelming. Thanks to you and all the ladies participating!


  12. This is what it is all about isn't it, bringing a smile and a bit of comfort to children who are having a tough time. Makes it all worthwhile. Thanks Jo and Eddie.
    Got my letter as well, a lovely surprise and much appreciated.
    Ann B


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