Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Perfect in Pink

Day by day, in order of receipt I'm adding posts of all the fabulous batch of quilts which arrived whilst I was away last week and next we have another super one of Annie's (Wipso) quilts which is so pretty in pink with lots of little teddies and flowers amongst it's lovely fabrics. Pretty satin bound edges finish it beautifully.
Big TYTYTY to Annie for making.....tah dah!!! 
Quilt No 23
As well as a super tote bag Annie has made a cutie little Teddy from the matching fabric to pop in the pocket as a surprise extra.
Amazingly there are still four more to be posted from the Super Stitching Sisters Jo and Annie (of Sisters Crafty Creations)  

Super Star Stitchers
That's just what you are!
I've received yet another super bumper bundle of fabulous cards from SueH (huge TYTYTY to her for all the work making them) and I will show them very soon. 
Sue has kindly given me permission to offer a picture of one of her special cards as a
Super Star Stitcher Award Button
 for all stitchers who make quilts for this project. 
I'm giving you all a choice of colours (and there is also a couple for Sue to choose from with just Super Star as she doesn't stitch) so do make sure you take and display the right one for you.
Just choose blue or yellow, copy and paste and add to your side bar with the link to this blog. You'll see I've added one to the blog.
Post it as an award too on your blogs... you all deserve one!

I do know that the response to the next point will be that you don't do it for rewards but I just want to express my gratitude in my own way so...there will also be a small hand made surprise item as a gift from me, just as soon as I can finish them but first I do need your choice of a colours. No arguments.. .I'll send one anyhow so you might as well have your favourite colours!

Let me know your palette of 3 favourite (wearable) colours for me to complete them,  ASAP, please!

Last,, but certainly not least, there will soon be a draw for prizes to thank quilt makers and also a prize for followers, for their support, so keep popping in to make sure you don't miss it. Full info soon.
  Carol of stampattack.co.uk will be kindly sponsoring us with prizes. 

For now... grab a button from below!

Super Star Sue's below....


  1. wow, another colourful quilt any little one will love, it's so pretty with the matching teddy.......
    It's very kind to offer presents, but I certainly don't help with the idea of being rewarded for my efforts. Just knowing they will comfort a small child is enough for me!

  2. Oh so pretty in pink!! That teddy is a cutie too. I have grabbed a button - thanks. What a great idea and I think Sue's cards are brilliant.x Jo

  3. Another gorgeous quilt and I especially love pink and yellow together, so girly and pretty!

    I knabbed a button and even got it on my blog and linked too... I'm impressed I managed it first time!! LOL

    And like everyone else, the sewing and giving is a reward in itself, so nothing more is expected or needed but if I have 3 colours to choose? Pink, black and white. I think... LOL Thank you Jo.

  4. You make the quilts look so special Jo :-)
    I've grabbed myself a button and if you really do insist then my fav three colours would have to be lilac, blue and pink but you know all too well that for me just making the quilts is gift enough.
    You do more than enough Jo by organising it all.
    Biggest hugs,
    Annie x

  5. Hi jo
    another fab quilt, such pretty girly fabric and the little teddy is so cute.
    As others have said before me, we aren't doing this for rewards.
    As for myself, it has really kick started my sewing again and made me realise how much I missed it as it is a few years since I have done any, I am enjoying having a real reason to sew and having fun. I am going to make something for my bedroom next. so many quilts , so little time
    But just to keep you happy I would choose red, green or blue.... I dont do wishy washy me !.... you may have guessed from my quilts.
    looking forward to seeing the next one

  6. Such a pretty girlie quilt. Mine is a work in progres but I am getting there:)...I will grab a button when I have finished, it can be my reward, though as previous said, we are not looking for rewards it is a joy to do this (even when I make a mistake) you have woken something in me that I am very grateful for.


    Sheilagh xx

  7. That's a pretty quilt on show there! Lovely soft tones :)
    The others above have pretty much said what I feel...but teal blue and silver is my choice :)
    With love, LLJ xxxx

  8. Well I'm not going to argue, love presents and know anything you make will be beautiful. My three colours - blue, green, lilac. Thanks Jo, will grab the button later.
    The quilts are still piling in and all lovely to see.
    Ann B


  9. Yet another beautiful quilt, bag and toy Annie, you certainly seem to have a production line going on, don’t you.

    I’ve uploaded my button, thank you Jo.
    Like the others Jo I don’t need a reward for helping out with this project, I’m only to pleased to be a part of it but if I really have to make a choice, any shade of Plum, Lilac, Lavender or Purple would be lovely with perhaps a hint of pale green and Peach. I’m intrigued now to know what you’re up to!
    Happy Crafting!

  10. Hi Jo, Annie's quilt is so, so pretty and love the little doll too. How wonderful to see so many people involved and how wonderful of you to give us a badge button too! I was only too happy to make my quilt and did not want or expect a reward, so that is a lovely surprise. My favourite colours are Red, Black and White. You are very kind Jo........ Thank you! Hugs, Anne x

  11. What a pretty quilt for a girl. And the tote bag and teddy to match are just adorable!

    Love the Buttons! I'd never thought of creating one from a card front. Duh! You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing. Creative Blessings


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