Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pea Pods from Tilly

Tilly personally delivered 3 super quilts on Saturday whilst I was doing a demonstration day at Cardio Shop in Wigan and caused quite a sensation when some of the other ladies saw them. Two new ladies even offered to make a LilyBo Quilt and in return for all the crafty items (including some chocky mini eggs) which I gave out as I demonstrated, and various instruction leaflets and templates, I received generous donations for CHICS totalling over £53 from all of the lovely customers.

Tilly made two baby quilts from the sweetest fabric which had tiny babies in pea pods printed on it.
This green one is quilt 
No 30
The fabric design can be seen in detail on the tote bag with the cute little ted peeking out of the pocket.
No 31 
also has the pea pods fabric with pink panels for a little girl
and Hello Kitty fits nicely as a little pocket surprise.
For a slightly bigger quilt, Tilly has used pink and blue with butterflies, stripes, and spots.
No 32
You can see the cosy pink fleece backing
It was so lovely to meet up with Tilly for the first time and we got on so well that I'm sure we'll get together again before long. She came with her friend Sue and they initially expected to just pop in to deliver the quilts but ended up in the shop staying for 4 hours, watching my demonstrations, having a coffee and a chat and buying up half of the shop!
Jo (me) and Tilly 


  1. Wow, Tilly has done some real beauties here. Loving the little pea pods, they are so, so cute. Hugs, Anne x

  2. a superb selection of quilts Jo and so glad you were able to have a good enjoyably craft time together how lovely that is .. God bless dear friend, Shaz in oz.x

  3. Oh Tilly you are a star.....these are really gorgeous. And so lovely to see you both meeting up for real.
    Annie x

  4. so lovely to meet you and watch your demo's.......... well done on raising £53.00 during the day
    Tilly x

  5. Well done Tilly - these are really gorgeous! x Jo

  6. well done to Tilly queen of the quilts, the peapod fabric is soooo cute.

  7. Talented Tilly has made some gorgeous pieces here. The pea fabric is just lovely! You look like you got on really well, which is so nice! xCathy

  8. Just love those little peapods with baby peas, so darn cute! 3 quilts in one hit? They are all beautiful but if i had to pick a fav it would be the first one in greens and I am not really a green kinda girl at all!! LOL
    Great that you both met up and had fun and maybe we have a couple more quilt makers now too!!
    I'm now sitting in the lounge of the apartment in Brisbane, lovely sunny warm day to arrive... boy is that a long trip!!

  9. These are all beautiful Tilly, especially the Green one. It's so fresh and clean looking, just perfect to brighten someones day.



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