Thursday, 7 March 2013

Twiglet's Teddy Blue Quilt

Today I was so very proud of all you stitchers! 
I went to the hospital oncology unit to give the next consignment of quilts to Eddie of CHICS and he and the staff were so thrilled to receive them. 
Whilst we were there in the parent's room a lovely little 3 year old boy came to see what was happening and nabbed the kit bag, containing Janet's Yacht Quilt, so we told him all about the quilts just before his Mummy came over and told him to put it back. When we told her what they were for she was so thrilled especially when Eddie asked Toby on the spot if he'd like to keep it! 
Toby's Mother especially wanted one of the cards too and was so very touched when she read inside. 

Eddie has been asked by staff and parents if we make them to sell and everyone is amazed when he tells them why we do it and that they are given with good heart by caring crafters! All praise indeed to you all!

Doh! I forgot my camera but when we asked Toby's Mum to take a photo with Eddie's phone she asked if Toby could be in the pic! So cute! I'll post it just as soon as Eddie transfers it to his computer and sends it to me. 
It was wonderful to see the joy you have all helped create. 
BTW...Little Toby is doing well and has only 6 more months of treatment to go.

The first batch of letters will be in the post tomorrow in thanks from CHICS!

(Hope you've all grabbed a button and are displaying it with due pride)

Now catch up of one of the lovely quilts delivered today and this super bundle of Teds comes from Super Star Stitcher.... ta, dah!!!

No 24
I love the quirky layout of the pieces in the quilt and the bag and Ted made from the same fabric is a cute little extra popped in the pocket. The red satin edging finishes it all off so strikingly.
Thanks so much to Annie (Wipso)
Thanks for any comments and for looking in and there are more to come over the next few days so keep visiting.


  1. Oh Jo that is such a lovely story, it brought tears to my eyes... I showed it to my handyman who asked me about the quilts the other day.... he was moved as well and very impressed at what you are doing, so keep up the good work, this makes it all worthwhile. It's all the thanks we need.
    Another fab colourful quilt from twiglet.

  2. Oh that is wonderful Jo, it really does give the most marvelous warm fuzzy feeling to know that the quilts are going to such special little people. I will looking forward to seeing little Toby with his quilt.
    Jo aka Twiglet's quilt is a gem, love the pattern and the bag and that cute little Ted too!

  3. AWSEOME, Jo!!
    .... what a heart cheering story!!

    I do feel for little Toby and such and pray for speedy recovery for him (six months seems such a long time in a little boys life - but guess could be so much worse)

    and God bless all who receive your very beautiful quilts- well remember the sailor on..

    ..and what a cracker quilt Jo has made with her kind caring hands.. may God bless you all, pity am so far away and cant sew like that for quids anyway.. love Shaz in oz.x!

  4. Hi Jo, this brought the biggest lump to my throat! How wonderful that you were there to share the experience too.

    Jo's quilt is fabulous, I really love the layout too and the gorgeous red binding. Hugs, Anne x

  5. So good to chat Jo. I feel so blessed to have you as a friend. Thank for all you do.
    Annie xxxx

  6. What a wonderful post. so pleased that you were able to witness the giving of a quilt ( and good luck and good health soon to Toby)
    A beautiful quilt with all those teddies and the red binding really sets it off, well done Annie
    Tilly x

  7. It just confirms the reasons for doing the projects when you hear stories that that doesn’t it, and that’s one little boy who’s day has been brightened in more ways than one.
    Yet another bright and colourful quilt Annie, you’re a real star and no mistake!

    Happy Stitching!
    x x x


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