Sunday, 3 March 2013

TWO from Tilly on a Special Day

I arrived back from Brighton last night to a stack of parcels which had arrived during my week away and DH had saved them, in order of arrival, for me to open. It was as good as a birthday for me to reveal the super contents now filling my dining table.
Thank you so much to Tilly, Janet, Annie and Jo for sending between you eight beautiful quilts and tote bags which all had special little extras tucked inside.
It makes this a very special weekend as so many lovely, kind, generous, caring, thoughtful, stitching crafters have provided so much fun and comfort for children, who are undergoing such harsh hospital treatments, on their journey back to good health.
I cannot praise them enough!
The big news today is that our own little fraulein has just reached the end of her two years of treatment and we are so lucky to have a happy healthy little girl who will now just be monitored regularly over the future months and years to make sure she stays that way for always.
Here's the inspiration for Lillybo Quilts, now 3 years 6 months old, smiling as ever, and just look at those curls !!
She has been so brave and cheerful throughout all she had to endure at such a young age and her amazing Mamma and Papa have coped valiantly.
We are so proud and love them all so much and thank everyone who helped on this journey and to all now participating in this collective act of thanks.
I will post each of the quilts, day by day, in order of receipt and the first TWO parcels arrived from Tilly from Leigh in Lancashire.
No 20
No 20 from Tilly is another super quilt, similar to her last one, which she made from the fabric she had left over. It is filled with fun characters, dinosaurs and alphabets, numbers and animals which will provide lots of fun and comfort for a little one in hospital.
No 21
No 21 from Tilly is quite a bit bigger and will be perfectly suited to an older child. It's such a pretty lilac theme with butterflies, flowers, checks and spots and the backing is a toning lilac, cuddly fleece.
Keep watching this week as there are five more new arrivals to be seen!

If you go to my first post via the archives on the sidebar you can read all about the inspiration behind this collective project. 


  1. Two more beautiful quilts from Tilly. Just wonderful.
    That gorgeous photo of that beautiful little girl makes all our efforts worth while. Thank you so much for sharing it.
    A x

  2. Oh Jo
    That is good news about your curly girly, she certainly looks full of beans and a perfect pink princess. Fabulous pressies to arrive home to. Tilly certainly is queen of the quilts this week. both are so pretty and colourful.... just love the dinosaur fabric.
    Blogger is playing up sorry if you get this twice


  3. Tilly's quilts are really beautiful, the first one has such fun images and is sure to please a little one, the second is just plain gorgeous! Your little fraulein looks gorgeous with her outfit and beautiful curly hair. You must be very proud...... Hugs, Anne x

  4. what joy to know your little one is well again, and what beautiful curls lol
    So pleased to have been able to help, sorry I am leaving the labels to you!

  5. How better to celebrate your little one's end of treatment than with a huge pile of love in the form of quilts!! Tilly is indeed a star, lovely quilts, especially love the lilac colours, very beautiful.

  6. Aww your little Granddaughter is beautiful Jo, you would never know just to look at her that she’s been through so much in her short life. Let’s hope that she can put all that behind her now and can enjoy the rest of her childhood as was intended.

    Can’t believe that you’re up to quilt 21 already Jo, that’s an amazement achievement I must say. On the other hand it’s sad to think that it’s 21 children who are sick and needing treatment but at least we know they will get a little comfort from their snuggly new quilts.

    Your quilts are both beautiful Tilly but I love the Lilac one best, but then I would because it my favourite colour.

    Happy Crafting!

  7. That's all that we needed to hear really! I'm so happy and relieved that your beautiful little granddaughter has got through her treatment.....great picture of a true princess :)
    LLJ xxxx

  8. Finally got round to checking the quilts out. I am happy for your family that your GD the Little Princess has come through all of this.The quilts are lovely.

    Carol xx


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