Monday, 25 February 2013

Baby's Pinwheel Quilt

Before I go to visit my the Brighton Belles (my 2 curly girly grandys down there) Here's a quilt to keep you going! 
A couple of you "super star stitchers" have whispered that there will be some deliveries this week but don't worry, DH will be here to receive them, but he isn't allowed to open them until I'm back on Saturday.... that's a super job reserved for me!!
So sorry that any received won't be posted until the weekend at the earliest.
I'll be making a second delivery to CHICS next week when Eddie will be back and so there will be lots of news coming up soon.
No 19
Pink and blue pinwheels spin in to make No 3 from ME! and No 19 for the collective effort.  This one has been made from fabric I already had in stock which I thought I'd use up to see just what I could make before I get stuck in to some of the fat quarters and panels I have been tempted to buy. 
It's a square, mainly pink, quilt especially for a little baby, and it is backed in pink fleece, so no doubt it will go to a special little girl.
I went to town with all the left over scraps and made this matching tote bag
A Noo Noo, cuddly square made of tiny scraps. Inspired by all the ribbons on Annette's last quilt, I added satin, velvet, lace, petersham ribbons all around the edge as children often love them to touch.
Finally, I just had to use up all the odd pieces of fabric and made a little "Damn It" dolly, which is suitable for a child, but might well be of benefit to their parents!
I spotted this lovely printed ribbon which I couldn't resist.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hearts from Finland!

What a joy to hear that a LillyBo Quilt has been made in Finland. 
A lovely blogging buddy, Tuire, has added a riot of appliqued hearts to make quilt No 18. Such lovely fabrics and colours in this pretty one! It is backed with a cosy restful green fleece. 
Thank you so much to Tuire for joining in and I am sure there is someone who will soon be so very thrilled with this treasure.
This quilt will be donated to Mannerheim League for Child Welfare to benefit a special child over there in Finland, and if you pop over to Tuire's blog, here, or by the button on the sidebar you can read all about it. 
There is a button link for every one of the lovely crafters who has made a quilt and I can see that Jo Twiglet has finished YET another one!! Woo hoo! I'm popping over once this is post!! 
When I started the project in January, I stated in my first post that anyone kind enough to join in by making a quilt could send them to me to be distributed to children via the cancer care support group CHICS ,which helps and supports children and their families through North West England and North Wales. 
I also suggested that, with postage costs being so high then, quilts could instead be given to a similar cause in the maker's area. Annette made two quilts and sent them but now that she is moving to Australia she will donate any she makes near to her new home. 
In such a short space of time have had so many lovely quilts posted to me, far more than was ever anticipated, which is so very generous of all of you in England and very much appreciated, but this suggestion still stands and I won't be offended in the least if anyone is finding it prohibitive paying for postage and thus prefers to donate them to a nearer place. They can still be part of this project and linked in here, just as Tuire's quilt has joined in from Finland and Annette's will soon be when she is settled in Australia.
This super tote with a heart pocket will be so very handy!
Many thanks again to Tuire!
no 19 made by ready to post... so watch this space! 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Jan LLJ's Dragonflies and Flowers

 No sooner was Jan LLJ, of Somerset, back from visiting family in Wales but her sewing machine was revved up to produce her third quilt, No17 for LillyBo. This is perfect for any age with the flurries of dragonflies and flowers in such a lovely colour palette.
Thank you so much Jan for finding the time to make this lovely gem so beautifully. Such lovely fabrics and on the reverse is cosy cerise pink fleece. Someone will adore and treasure this beauty! 
Here's the tote bag with lilac check lining and bigger flowers. I can see the children's Mums will all love having such super handy bags to help carry all the extra gear they need back and forth to the hospital.
When the weather improves I will photograph the quilts pegged out prettily in the garden but until then it is thanks to my dear husband who pinches the corners of the back of the quilts and stands unseen, ever so patiently, holding them up whilst I do my impression of David Bailey!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tilly sends a Zoo!

Dinosaurs and animal alphabet blocks make up this fantastic quilt No16, 
lovingly made by Tilly of Leigh, in Lancashire and her second quilt for LillyBo.
Thanks so much Tilly, you are part of a gathering of special stitchers!
Fabulous fabrics, lovely bright colours and a super play mat as well as a cosy cuddly comforter for one of the children whilst they are undergoing their treatments.
This cute little Zebra highlights the Zebras in the pattern of the fabric, an extra surprise that pops into the pocket of the handy tote.
If you'd like to be part of our happy band of volunteer stitchers for LillyBo Quilts all made with love for children undergoing treatment for cancer, just take a look at my first post via my sidebar archive and you'll learn what it's all about.
who help the children and their families

Monday, 18 February 2013

Quilt from Outer Space

In my eagerness to showcase all the others received from all the other generous stitchers, I almost forgot to post the quilt which I made a while ago.I gave a glimpse of it, but not the finished article.
On one of our "Days Out" I spotted a Space panel in the fantastic Sew Simple quilting shop in the Lady Heyes Craft Centre, Frodsham, Cheshire. Check it out, the whole place is well worth a visit as there are Antique Emporiums, Vintage books, a micro brewery, Crab Apple Crafts, Candles, a play barn and a good cafe, amongst so many other shop units.
I already had the other, plainer, fabrics in my stash and was amazed that the space panel, of approximately half a metre, was enough to make a slightly bigger quilt for an older boy, a tote bag and a cushion. 
So here's a moon landing encapsulated in the quilt! Out of order for publishing but it was No 11 and it has already been donated to CHICS.
The small cushion has a removable sachet of lavender inside which I hope will be relaxing for a young boy. Just to be safe, I sealed the lavender in a poly bag so it wouldn't spread it's fragrance where it wasn't wanted and added a tag telling about the contents.
Yet another super quilt arrived today from Tilly ... a whole cute zoo inside the parcel!
  I'll post it soon so keep looking in.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tilly's Train Chugs in!

Quilt No 15 has arrived at platform 1!!!
This super creation is by Tilly (Christine) who lives in Leigh, and she has another almost ready to steam off soon.
This quilt will not only be cuddly and warm, but it will make an excellent play mat for that little Thomas the Tank train to chug around.

The colour combination works so well with the turquoise on the patterned side and the orange lightweight soft fleece on the reverse.
Here's it's super carry tote and even the little extras co-ordinate!
Thank you so much to Tilly for being a part of LillyBo Quilts, made with love for the children undergoing treatments in hospital.
Tilly's blog is on the sidebar, to the right, along with buttons for all the other quilt makers who have so generously given their time and funded materials to stitch these lovely treasures.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Roses & Strawberries from Scotland

Annette, (VoodoVixen) sent in the very first quilt for the children and it was also the very first one she had ever made. Since then, and all within a month, she has made two more quilts for babies of friends and yet is in the process of packing up to move to Australia in just a week! All this is amazing but it was an utter surprise to receive yet another quilt for LillyBo!!! Annette's second gift, how does she do it!!
Annette has so enjoyed it that she will continue to make them once she is settled in OZ and hopes to set up a similar project over there under the banner of LillyBo Quilts! 
How wonderful that is and Thank You so much Annette for this riot of Strawberries and Roses all the way from Scotland. 
Good luck with your move and we look forward to hearing of all the quilts you make and donate "Down Under"!
Here's LillyBo Quilt No 14
Annette added ribbon tags all over  as she remembered how her own children loved to play with the satin ribbon tags and labels when they were little.
Who is peeping out of the bag pocket?
It's a cute little cuddly in the image of a cat.
Close up of the tags and labels.
Tilly's trains chugged in today so keep watching!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Janet Fairythoughts Quilt

It's like I'm getting birthdays every couple of days as the parcels arrive bringing all the fantastic quilts. 
Janet Fairythoughts made this bright and cheerful fun quilt with Noddy pictures and some super co-ordinating fabrics. It has cosy red fleece on the back.
 It's No12 for LillyBo but No 1 for Janet as it's the very first quilt she has ever made.
Thank you so much Janet for sending it all the way from Hampshire. 
Here's the super bag to pack the quilt into for travelling and the lovely surprise thought from Janet to include a Noddy book! The child who receives this will be so thrilled and excited. 
If you would like to know why so many kind crafters are busy making such lovely quilts pop over 
here to my first post on 21st January to read about how it all started....

Yet another beauty has arrived from Annette Voodoo Vixen all the way from Scotland so watch this space for pictures.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Patchwork Cards

Some more of SueH's lovely cards showing a variety of different colours and layouts.
 One will be given with each LillyBo Quilt and, as Sue has sent a real mix, the colours can be matched to compliment  the quilts. All so lovely,all so very effective, but my favourites have to be the hexagon patchwork ones, like the top right orange one. I love all the trims, buttons, ribbons, ric rac braid and also the message.."You're SEW Special" which is exactly what the children all are.
 the inserts with the special poem from Sue

and here's the other side of the insert telling about LillyBo Quilts

Here's a message from my DD....
I am SO so proud. A huge big thanks again to my super mum for setting this up and to all her lovely crafty friends whizzing away on their machines making these beautiful quilts. I am so amazed that eleven quilts have been handed over in such a short time. And Eddie is great too! x
Another beautiful quilt arrived today so keep an eye out for my next post....

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Twiglet's Quilts 9 & 10

I'm thrilled to showcase and add a Friday Smile for two quilts (9 & 10) from Jo (Twiglet) which arrived just in the nick of time to be included in yesterday's super delivery to CHICS at the hospital. Amazingly, Jo is already making her third one!!
Words don't seem enough but thank you so much Jo, they are so beautifully made and I love all the pretty fabrics and satin bound edges. Lots of lovely effective appliqued motifs too.
Jo made one for a girl...
and one for a boy.
A surprise little softy cat with the blue bag
and such a cutey little dolly with the pink bag.
I'll be posting more patchwork cards from Sue and my own Outer Space quilt very soon.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First Handover

Just a quick post but I had to show the wonderful results of your endeavours. 
I'm luckily, but unexpectedly, able to visit the big craft show tomorrow at Events City so I've a few things to do which would have been completed yesterday... hope that makes sense, but it means I have to be quick NOW!

It was such an honour today to meet up with Eddie of CHICS to hand over 11 quilts from LillyBo, made by so many kind, thoughtful and generous crafters and all within a three week period! Not only quilts but bags and all sorts of other little treats. Tiny toys to match them and a couple of cushions and even a lavender cushion. All so lovely.
The staff were so thrilled to see them and already started to match children to quilts by which will be perfect for each individual. 
Here's Eddie, the co-ordinator of CHICS, below with me, and he will be organising the placement of the quilts into their new homes. 
Eddie sends thanks and praise to everyone who has made and donated to the project. Thanks for your generosity and praise for your skills in making such beautiful gifts.
He will be writing to thank everyone personally and also will tell each maker who eventually owns each one.
What a magnificent display and I do hope you can all spot your own. It was a hard job getting them all in view and they kept sliding down the stand! All were later folded again neatly into their bags, all numbered to help Eddie let us know where each has gone.
You must all be so proud... I know I am!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

AnnB's Flower Fairy Quilt Flutters in!

I went to a workshop at Vicky Stampers on Saturday and AnnB made my day when she so kindly presented me with this beautiful Flower Fairy Quilt. 
No 8 on the list of lovely LillyBo Quilts. 
Everyone at the workshop was thrilled to see it and it inspired another recruit to the ranks. Thanks and welcome to Alison CB!
Ann used such pretty fabrics which will be just magic to a little girl in hospital.
Ann made a bag too but hadn't quite finished it so it's coming in the post. If it arrives in time it will join the first consignment handover to CHICKs, tomorrow, when I meet up with Eddie in Alder Hey Hospital
Here's a close up of the motifs on the centre panel, all beautifully appliqued and each on with sparkly wings. Some of my favourite fairies in the middle,  the Apple Blossom Fairies!
I've just got to tell you that Ann is another lovely crafter who made her first ever quilt for this LillyBo appeal. What a treasure and how lovely that so many of you are making and giving your first quilts to such a good cause.
Ann's back ached and ached whilst she was sewing but she continued valiantly, thinking throughout that her pain was nothing compared to what the children go through. 
Thanks so much Ann and I know your quilt was made with love and will be treasured by a special little girl very soon.
Addendum.... here's a pic from Ann of her super bag.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Annie Wipso's Fun Quilts

What a wonderful riot of colour and fun waiting for a little child to enjoy and all from Annie Wipso in Shropshire.
Here's Annie's first super quilt, full of fun, with all those learning blocks around the edge for a little one to play with.
and it has a tote bag with a little Westie dog, she thoughtfully knitted, to match the one on the panel picture! I am sure there will be bedtime stories to be told all about those characters in the scene!
Not only one quilt but here's a riot of hearts and other fun shapes in this next one! Annie's second! 
The tote bag has shapes appliqued so neatly and there in the pocket is a cute little matching teddy. 
These quilts are going to be so lovely for all the children who receive them on Wednesday.
Thanks so much Annie for

Hope you all pop back tomorrow as we'll have the very first quilt she ever made from AnnB.
It is so lovely that the quilts are all so very different from each of their makers and will therefore suit the ages, needs and likes of the different children's personalities.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Anne's Soft & Pretty Quilt

I am so excited!
Lots to share this week as quilts have been coming in from all over the place. I will post them in order of arrival, day by day, so first, we have a really pretty traditional style pink quilt No 5, with a cosy cuddly soft cream backing from
(Known to her blogging friends as Redanne)
with it's own cosy handy bag
As you will read here, it's Anne's very first quilt and what a gem it is too.
Thanks so much Anne, it will be a treasure, just as you are!
I must mention that this quilt was posted using myhermes postal service who delivered next day, signed for, and cheaper than the post office!
More to come...
Tomorrow we will showcase two quilts received from Annie in Shropshire then the next day AnnB's quilt ...... Three Annies in a row!
We've even had more super cards from SueH!

Shaz who is in process of making her quilt asked me to tip off all quilt makers that B&M are selling lovely soft fleece throws at 2 for £3.99 which would be great for backing. 

Now I'd better get going and make all the labels in time for the handover on Wednesday 
If you too would like to join in and make a LillyBo quilt for children who are going through chemotherapy, then take a look at my first post (via my side bar) and you'll find all the details. You can also email or leave me a comment.

Friday, 1 February 2013

They're Rolling in!

There will be a wonderful array of quilts going for donation to the hospital next Wednesday when I meet up with Eddie of CHICS
Jan, of Lunch Lady Jan blog, who lives in Wiltshire sent me not only this beauty which will make a child so happy soon,
... she made not one but TWO!! 
Thanks so much Jan! But wait for it... not only two quilts....
but super spotty lined tote bags to go with them!! 
The children will have to make sure their Mum's don't pinch these for themselves!
The stack is getting bigger!
When I met up with Eddie who is support worker, for CHICS, based at Alder Hey Hospital, he asked me to post this message from him.

CHICS provides invaluable help, not only for the child, who is going through treatments, but for the whole the family, especially where there are siblings who also need support. Grandparents too!
Our support spreads to North Wales, Wirral, Merseyside and beyond.
The quilts will be a lovely gift as comfort and joy to the children who often bring such items in with them on each visit so, to have a special one made for them will be a real treasure.
This is another partnership for CHICS and every little piece of help is really valued, as these quilts will be. It is so wonderful and amazing that people far and wide care enough to find time to make and donate such wonderful gifts to these special children. 
In my 20 years of experience it is heart warming to note that so many of these children go on in life to enter caring professions to become nurses, doctors, pharmacists and physiotherapists.
Thanks to all involved and Best Wishes
 from Eddie