Monday, 18 February 2013

Quilt from Outer Space

In my eagerness to showcase all the others received from all the other generous stitchers, I almost forgot to post the quilt which I made a while ago.I gave a glimpse of it, but not the finished article.
On one of our "Days Out" I spotted a Space panel in the fantastic Sew Simple quilting shop in the Lady Heyes Craft Centre, Frodsham, Cheshire. Check it out, the whole place is well worth a visit as there are Antique Emporiums, Vintage books, a micro brewery, Crab Apple Crafts, Candles, a play barn and a good cafe, amongst so many other shop units.
I already had the other, plainer, fabrics in my stash and was amazed that the space panel, of approximately half a metre, was enough to make a slightly bigger quilt for an older boy, a tote bag and a cushion. 
So here's a moon landing encapsulated in the quilt! Out of order for publishing but it was No 11 and it has already been donated to CHICS.
The small cushion has a removable sachet of lavender inside which I hope will be relaxing for a young boy. Just to be safe, I sealed the lavender in a poly bag so it wouldn't spread it's fragrance where it wasn't wanted and added a tag telling about the contents.
Yet another super quilt arrived today from Tilly ... a whole cute zoo inside the parcel!
  I'll post it soon so keep looking in.


  1. Wondered when you were going to share your's Jo. A very different quilt, ideal for a budding astronaut.

  2. this is a fantastic space quilt, some-one will be very happy with it!!

  3. Another gorgeous quilt Jo, this images are wonderful, almost like having a story book. The pillow and bag are beautiful too. So glad you had such a wonderful response to this worthy cause. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Wow Jo that is stunning and I'm sure any poorly boy would treasure it.
    A x
    My number 4 quilt is finished and have made the bag today [just a little something to go in the pocket now for that one]. I have a finished number 5 quilt just needing a bag and little friend too :-)

  5. Hi JO
    fabulous quilt, the fabric is gorgeous, although not sure how you could part with it, buy hey-ho, it was obviously calling out to be a quilt.
    I hope CHIC can find for it (Ohhhh)sorry someone had to say it!
    My second one is designed for a slightly older boy too.... there seemed to be a lot of pretty girly ones to start with.

  6. Oh my Jo, your out of space quilt is a beaut indeed! Perfect for the astronaut and star gazer.

  7. Oh, how could you forget your own work of art JO, it’s beautiful. You couldn’t have found a more suitable fabric for a little boy if you tried.
    Happy Crafting!

  8. What perfect fabric for a space enthusiast - I am sure it will find a good home. Your quilting design is lovely Jo. x Jo

  9. That's a great design! Love the fabric and the contrasts work really well :) I posted off another yesterday so hopefully you should get it tomorrow......
    Jan xx


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