Tuesday, 5 February 2013

AnnB's Flower Fairy Quilt Flutters in!

I went to a workshop at Vicky Stampers on Saturday and AnnB made my day when she so kindly presented me with this beautiful Flower Fairy Quilt. 
No 8 on the list of lovely LillyBo Quilts. 
Everyone at the workshop was thrilled to see it and it inspired another recruit to the ranks. Thanks and welcome to Alison CB!
Ann used such pretty fabrics which will be just magic to a little girl in hospital.
Ann made a bag too but hadn't quite finished it so it's coming in the post. If it arrives in time it will join the first consignment handover to CHICKs, tomorrow, when I meet up with Eddie in Alder Hey Hospital
Here's a close up of the motifs on the centre panel, all beautifully appliqued and each on with sparkly wings. Some of my favourite fairies in the middle,  the Apple Blossom Fairies!
I've just got to tell you that Ann is another lovely crafter who made her first ever quilt for this LillyBo appeal. What a treasure and how lovely that so many of you are making and giving your first quilts to such a good cause.
Ann's back ached and ached whilst she was sewing but she continued valiantly, thinking throughout that her pain was nothing compared to what the children go through. 
Thanks so much Ann and I know your quilt was made with love and will be treasured by a special little girl very soon.
Addendum.... here's a pic from Ann of her super bag.


  1. another super quilt, I finished my first one today but having no car all week,....(it's poorly)I can't post it..... my second one is cut out and ready to sew!


  2. Oh how pretty is this. I'm sure any little girl will just love this. Well done Ann.
    A x

  3. Ann really is a star for working through her pain to make this absolutely gorgeous quilt - I love her 'proper' edges too, brilliant job for a newbie to quilting! Hugs, Anne x

  4. Hi jo they are rolling thick and fast aren't they. The fairies are so pretty. I was going to post mine off today .... then I realised I couldn't find your address. Please could you e mail me again

  5. What a pretty quilt some little girl is going to love to wrap around her on bad days and sit and play with on the good ones. Love all the fairies and I am amazed at how this appeal has drawn so many first time quilters!!

  6. The bag is finished and in the post Jo but it won't get to you until later in the week.
    Yes my back ached, too much bending over the table pinning it up, and wanting to get it finished for Saturday but it was nothing in comparison so I offered it up as a little prayer for the child who will get my quilt a d got on with my pinning.
    This is a wonderful thing you started Jo and the generosity of the people who have made quilts and cards is truly heartwarming.
    Ann B

  7. Another really pretty quilt that’s going to make a little girl very, very happy. I’ve actually cross stitched one of those flower fairies (Clover, bottom left) and funnily enough that ended up being made into a quilt for SOLAK


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