Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First Handover

Just a quick post but I had to show the wonderful results of your endeavours. 
I'm luckily, but unexpectedly, able to visit the big craft show tomorrow at Events City so I've a few things to do which would have been completed yesterday... hope that makes sense, but it means I have to be quick NOW!

It was such an honour today to meet up with Eddie of CHICS to hand over 11 quilts from LillyBo, made by so many kind, thoughtful and generous crafters and all within a three week period! Not only quilts but bags and all sorts of other little treats. Tiny toys to match them and a couple of cushions and even a lavender cushion. All so lovely.
The staff were so thrilled to see them and already started to match children to quilts by which will be perfect for each individual. 
Here's Eddie, the co-ordinator of CHICS, below with me, and he will be organising the placement of the quilts into their new homes. 
Eddie sends thanks and praise to everyone who has made and donated to the project. Thanks for your generosity and praise for your skills in making such beautiful gifts.
He will be writing to thank everyone personally and also will tell each maker who eventually owns each one.
What a magnificent display and I do hope you can all spot your own. It was a hard job getting them all in view and they kept sliding down the stand! All were later folded again neatly into their bags, all numbered to help Eddie let us know where each has gone.
You must all be so proud... I know I am!


  1. Jo this is such a beautiful post. I had no idea at all that we would ever know where the quilts would end up.....I'm so thrilled.
    Thank you so much for organising it all.
    Biggest hugs,
    Annie x

  2. Aaaaw, don't they look fabulous like that!! Jo, you really have done something wonderful starting this up and thank you for your organising and fetching back and forth.

  3. Hi Jo, it is so lovely to see them altogether, they look fabulous and how nice of Eddie to want to write to all of us, such a lovely thought to let us know who will get the quilts. Thank you too Jo for the big part you have played in this project and also for getting us together in the first place! Hugs, Anne x

  4. WOW!! Jo that is so very very awesome sooooo many, so beautifully made by so many loving caring hands!!!

    A big congrats to all and what a great fellow Eddie is doing all that organising too !!
    Takes folk with a special caring heart.

    Am continuing to pray for each recipient to be blessed of LORD and the Quit to be all part of speeding their healing process,
    love and God bless dear Jo, Shaz in Oz.x

  5. A M A Z I N G !!!! I am in awe at the scale of this project. That photo os wonderful.
    well Done Jo you have started something Beautiful.



  6. The quilts are looking lovely! Jill x

  7. Don't they all look lovely spread out like that! Well done Jo and all the quilters. It will be great to know what happens to them so thanks to Eddie too! x Jo

  8. Everyone should be really proud - that is truly wonderful, well done everyone
    K x

  9. A fantastic collection Jo and good to see them altogether like that. Goes to show - crafters are the best of people.
    Ann B

  10. I am SO so proud. A huge big thanks again to my super mum for setting this up and to all her lovely crafty friends whizzing away on their machines making these beautiful quilts. I am so amazed that eleven quilts have been handed over in such a short time. And Eddie is great too! xx

  11. Jo, thank you so much for sharing that fab display with us all. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see all the kiddies faces. Mine will be done over the weekend and then I'll arrange to pop it up to you, x

  12. We should be thanking YOU, Jo, for all the organising and co ordinating....that's the hard work, we had the easy bit!! Don't they all look great together? That pic made me smile. I shall be staring a new one when I get back from Wales :)
    Hugs, Jan xxx

  13. hi jo
    WOW, dont they all look fantastic together, you really should be proud of yourself for starting this. Keep us up dated on what happens to them.

  14. What an amazing first delivery Jo, I bet you weren’t expecting to have so many ready in time. They are all absolutely beautiful and for such a worthwhile cause too, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to help out in my own little way.
    Hopefully I’ll have some more cards ready for you next week…… looks like you’re going to need them!

    Happy Sewing!


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