Thursday, 21 February 2013

Jan LLJ's Dragonflies and Flowers

 No sooner was Jan LLJ, of Somerset, back from visiting family in Wales but her sewing machine was revved up to produce her third quilt, No17 for LillyBo. This is perfect for any age with the flurries of dragonflies and flowers in such a lovely colour palette.
Thank you so much Jan for finding the time to make this lovely gem so beautifully. Such lovely fabrics and on the reverse is cosy cerise pink fleece. Someone will adore and treasure this beauty! 
Here's the tote bag with lilac check lining and bigger flowers. I can see the children's Mums will all love having such super handy bags to help carry all the extra gear they need back and forth to the hospital.
When the weather improves I will photograph the quilts pegged out prettily in the garden but until then it is thanks to my dear husband who pinches the corners of the back of the quilts and stands unseen, ever so patiently, holding them up whilst I do my impression of David Bailey!


  1. another super quilt from jan, love the colours and the bag, I have another one ready for you but I thought you were away

  2. Another beautiful quilt from Jan. Thanks for all your efforts Jo and please thank your assistant model too. My next three will be ready to post to you soon and will probably come with Jo's latest two too....maybe next week :-)
    A x

  3. Its lovely Jo - so colourful. AND well done David Bailey too. x Jo

  4. Jan has made a really beautiful quilt and bag, love the colours and the dragonflies are just gorgeous!! I am amazed at how many quilts have been made in such a short time!!

  5. Oh and I had to laugh of the mental image of your DH holding corners of quilts and trying to remain invisible at the same time, what a gem!!

  6. Two more gorgeous quilts, this and Tilly's.
    Ann B

  7. Yet another beautiful quilt Jan, I love the bright colours of this one.
    Can’t believe we’ve up to quilt 17 already……..just as well I have another batch of gift cards ready to go in the post.
    Happy Crafting


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