Monday, 25 February 2013

Baby's Pinwheel Quilt

Before I go to visit my the Brighton Belles (my 2 curly girly grandys down there) Here's a quilt to keep you going! 
A couple of you "super star stitchers" have whispered that there will be some deliveries this week but don't worry, DH will be here to receive them, but he isn't allowed to open them until I'm back on Saturday.... that's a super job reserved for me!!
So sorry that any received won't be posted until the weekend at the earliest.
I'll be making a second delivery to CHICS next week when Eddie will be back and so there will be lots of news coming up soon.
No 19
Pink and blue pinwheels spin in to make No 3 from ME! and No 19 for the collective effort.  This one has been made from fabric I already had in stock which I thought I'd use up to see just what I could make before I get stuck in to some of the fat quarters and panels I have been tempted to buy. 
It's a square, mainly pink, quilt especially for a little baby, and it is backed in pink fleece, so no doubt it will go to a special little girl.
I went to town with all the left over scraps and made this matching tote bag
A Noo Noo, cuddly square made of tiny scraps. Inspired by all the ribbons on Annette's last quilt, I added satin, velvet, lace, petersham ribbons all around the edge as children often love them to touch.
Finally, I just had to use up all the odd pieces of fabric and made a little "Damn It" dolly, which is suitable for a child, but might well be of benefit to their parents!
I spotted this lovely printed ribbon which I couldn't resist.


  1. Oh my, that is such a pretty quilt with the pinwheels all over and the noo noo with the ribbons and a dammit doll, all dressed and everything... someone is going to be a very lucky little girl!!

  2. What can I say but wow wow wow. That is so pretty Jo. I love it.
    A x

  3. You are so clever Jo, this quilt is stunning and I love all the little ribbons on the noo noo too. The little dollie is gorgeous too, a little girl is going to be happy indeed with these wonderful creations. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Oh what fun you have had there!! So lovely - all of it and I can just imagine how well loved it will be. x Jo

  5. HI Jo
    Awh, this is another pretty quilt well done. Love the touchy feely noo noo too. These quilt are great for using up all those little piece you can't bear to throw away, my next one is going to be just that.
    I was hoping to post No2 to you today but Erin wasn't happy (teething)so we didnt make it to the post office.. I will try to do it on Friday so you will gwet it next week

  6. Absoluately wonderful and I am sure it will be well loved and adored. Congratulations on the number of quilts, that's truly fabulous.


  7. This is so pretty Jo and a lovely idea to make the noo noo, although I'm not really sure what it is. Great dolly as well.
    We are going down to Bristol in a couple of weeks and I'm on a promise of a bag full of fabric from my StepD who used to do quilting and has now moved on to knitting and crochet so I'm hoping there are lots of bits I can use for a second quilt. Can't believe we are up to 19 now - fantastic.

    Don't know about another workshop, it will take me 6 months to recover from this one ha ha.

    Enjoy the rest of your 'break(?)'

  8. Hello Jo
    I don't know how I missed this fabulous quilt going on the blog, sooooo pretty and I love the dolly as well.I, also, don't know what a noo noo is ???
    My next delivery should be waiting for you, how addictive they become....... I have another 'work in progress'!! lol


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