Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sue's Super Cards & Noah's Ark from Annie

Here's the latest stash of Sue's (of Essex) super cards, a couple of dozen in fact, which are proving to be a great hit with the family's of the children who have received their quilts.
The first batch of letters has been posted from CHICS to some of the stitchers and Eddie will write to the rest of you just as soon as he can.

A close up peek at all the detail Sue puts into them.
Quilt 25 Made by Annie (Wipso) in Shrophire
Is a cute baby version of Noah's Ark which will be a great story telling aid for one of the little ones.
 Annie also picked one of the characters to knit up into this super cute lion and one of the motifs of the lion was appliqued onto the tote bag

Thanks so much Annie....What a fun bag full for whoever receives it!
Two from Jo (Twiglet) probably tomorrow and they will be followed by, not one, but  two, from Lisa (of Lisa's Craft Garden) in a day or two. These are Lisa's first and she generously made one for a boy and one for a girl.


  1. Oh my Jo, the beautiful work just keeps coming! Sue's cards are gorgeous and Annie's quilt is a delight. Hugs, Anne x

  2. what a beautiful Noah's ark quilt and who would not love the little lion??? I do lol........ and wow Sue, you must have been crafting overtime to produce all these stunning cards, thank you

  3. Sue's cards are wonderful, so much detail, I can see why they are so well received!
    And another fabby quilt from Annie, so pretty and I love that little lion and the applique on the bag!!

  4. So many wonderfully special cards from Sue. I love each and every one of them....and isn't it lovely that she makes one for each of the quilts cos they really do add something magic to them.
    A x

  5. What a fun crafty time you have initiated with LillyBo quilts Jo. We have had such a great time making ours and it looks as if Sue is having just as much fun with her cards - they are just perfect for the job. x Jo

  6. Yep, I’m having loads of fun too but a hard time keeping up with you all, not that I’m complaining. I just think it’s great that you’ve all just stitched and stitched and together, thanks to Jo, we are hopefully making some little people very happy for a while.
    Which brings me Annie’s latest quilt……..absolutely beautiful. Loving the material, the colours and the little Lion, how cute is he!

  7. isn't it amazing how different all the quilts are I especially love the ones which could be for a girl or a boy, which this one could.... very cute little lion to go with it

  8. oh I forgot to mention the fabulous cards each one being as different as the quilts are well done


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