Monday, 15 April 2013

A Riot of Colour from Janet

I'm on catch up now as I have several lovely quilts in hand which will be delivered to the children this week. After being ill with the bug that the Brighton Belles kindly brought with them I wasn't 100% when I left for the Art Specially show in Holland and whilst I did have a good time there it was busy and so tiring and I have not been up to scratch healthwise since I returned. I'm feeling much better today so let's take the opportunity to share some wonderful quilts which have arrived and HUGE apologies to you all for the delay.
Super colours and lovely applique from Janet Fairythoughts for 
Quilt No 33
Janet had the fantastic idea to make the bag into a game. The isdes are fastened with Velcro ......
and inside there is a noughts and crosses type game and the game pieces are made from Suffolk Puffs in two different colours. They attach onto the red fleece with tabs of Velcro. 
Such a novel idea Janet.. .. you could market it!
More quilts to come from Super Star Stitchers, Jo Twiglet, Annie Wipso, Tilly and Alison CB.


  1. sorry to hear you have been ill during a very busy period......what a great idea for noughts and crosses, I would never have thought of that...... and a wonderful colourful quilt as well
    Tilly x

  2. Sorry you've been poorly Jo, but am glad to hear you're on the mend now :-)

    Isn't Janet's quilt fab? I think that's my favourite one so far!! And clever thinking about the noughts and crosses...eeee there's some clever folk around!

    LLJan xx

  3. So sorry that you have been poorly Jo, I sympathise as I came down with it a couple of days ago... it's horrible.

    Janet's quilt is stunning and I love the game inside - you are right, she could market this - how wonderful! Hugs, Anne x

  4. Glad to hear your at last feeling rather better Jo.
    What a gorgeous quilt and bag from Janet.
    A x

  5. sorry to hear you have been poorly, the show obviously really took it out of you. glad to hear you are feeling better now

  6. I missed you! Sorry you have been poorly, hope you are getting back on form again now.
    Love the colours of this quilt with all those smiley faces and the game/bag is genius and will pass time for both child and adult.


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