Thursday, 18 April 2013

Animals & Butterflies from Twiglet (35 & 36)

Quilt No 36
Here's another gem from Jo Twiglet who (like most of you) still manages to stitch and create, and think of others, whilst leading such a busy life. 
This week there will be a wedding in the family as Jo's daughter gets married on Saturday. Hope it's a wonderful day and Best Wishes, Good Luck and Happiness to the Bride and Groom.

This fabulous quilt will be ideal to capture the interest of a younger child, and comfort them too, with all the little animals in the fabric squares and Jo has appliqued some of her own creations really effectively around the centre panel.
Here's the handy tote bag with a soft little kitty popping out of the pocket
Some details of the cute appliqued motifs
Love this one, it's like a brother of Bagpuss! Great expression!
Quilt No 35
 is a flurry of dragonflies and butterflies in bright primary colours
This matching butterfly, made out of the same fabric pops in the pocket as a little keepsake.
Thanks so much Jo for two lovely donations and thanks to you and all the Super Star Stitchers for your quilt creations. Heading for 40 and still a couple more in hand from Tilly and Alison CB to post, and they'll all be given over to 
for distribution at the unit this week.


  1. Don't I have a clever [much older!!] sister Jo? We are having such fun making these fun quilts in what spare time we have Jo.
    A x

  2. Oh my, love them both, they are fabulous! The appliques are so lovely, and best wishes to the bride and groom for their big day!

  3. Well done Jo! This is gorgeous! Love all the little pieces.

  4. Wow to nearly 40! How fantastic is that....

    Love both quilts, the animals are such fun but for me (I love all things butterfly/dragonfly) the second one is just stunning! Hope the wedding goes well Jo. Hugs, Anne x

  5. Oh thanks lots everybody! Getting very excited now!!!!! x Jo

  6. both quilts are fabulous, I think the first quilt is great fun and very original. They are still coming in thick and fast aren't they, so good to see.

  7. Wow,........ I never thought you would reach the dizzy heights of 40 quilts lol, what a fantastic effort from Jo... 2 gorgeous quilts.... well done and congrats for the wedding, hope it stays dry lol

  8. More beautiful quilts Jo and I received a lovely thank you letter today from CHICS, x


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