Tuesday, 30 April 2013

CHICS Latest Delivery

Oh my word, apologies are needed as I really thought I'd posted this last week but I have just found it in my drafts. I've been so mad busy that I missed it!
Here's Eddie, Mr CHICS receiving the latest batch of quilts at the unit. I forgot to count but I think there were a dozen all bagged up, neatly folded in their totes, all ready for their new owners. Eddie has a list so he can write to our Super Star Stitchers in thanks and he also has a list of some of the recipients so I can let you all know bit by bit just who is that special little child now cuddling up with your quilt. 
Can you spot your's below?

The winners of the stamp plates donated by Carol of Stampattack are as follows...
Mamma Pez
Annie Wipso
A couple of you don't stamp so asked me to re-draw if you win but I cannot remember who said this! If you are on the list as a winner you can always gift it on to another stamper or tell me again and I'll daw another name. 
It's your's, you've won, and you can do with it as you like!
Thanks go to Carol for donating the Sleepy Heads stamp plates.


  1. What a gorgeous pic Jo....and I'm one of those non stampers so please draw it again and pass mine on :-)
    Annie x

  2. Eddie looks pleased as punch with all those gorgeous quilts! They are all so beautiful. Well done to the winners of the stamps, I am sure you will have fun using them! Hugs, Anne x

  3. well done everyone, I'm sure Eddie will make sure they get a good home

    PS I'm a winner !!!!!!!! how good is that lol !

  4. Eddie looks pleased with the latest bunch - he will enjoy passing them on I am sure. x Jo

  5. hi Jo what a fab pile of quilts,they looks so colourful and Eddie looks very pleased, maybe we should make him one too. It is lovely to be a winner, a big thanks to carol

  6. Everyone has done an amazing job, I must say!
    I bet when you first suggested it Jo, that you didn’t expect to have so many lovely quilts donated and be able to give one to so many kiddies going through their treatment and I bet that Eddie didn't expect to be writing so mant letters!
    All I can say is Well done everyone, and especially to Jo for coming up with the idea in the first place.

    Lots of Love

  7. Missed this post, so much going on with me as you know Jo, so thrilled when the Postman brought a surprise package today.

    Thanks so much Jo and Carol for your generosity. Love the scarf and, when I finally get back to stamping I will enjoy using the lovely stamps.

    Ann B


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