Monday, 15 April 2013

Chicks to CHICS from Annie

A super quilt from Annie Wipso in primary colours with lots of tiny Easter chicks
Quilt No 34
Here you can see the detail of this cute fabric and also the gorgeous beautifully knitted little duck that Annie made to pop in the pocket of this tote bag as a surprise.
Recently Annie made around 30 Tiny Teds (sorry I missed the head count) and sent them with instructions to use as I wished. They were immediately pounced on by friends and neighbours who gave generous donations for several of them raising £40 for CHICS. The rest have gone to the hospital unit and Eddie will give some to the children and any remaining will soon sell on the reception desk.
Each comes with this special poem written by the talented LillyBo Poet Laureate, Annie's sister Jo Twiglet.
I know personally that these are very special little bears having carried one with me everywhere I've travelled over the last couple of years. It was sent to me by Annie when our little one was first going through her treatment and I keep it with a very special curl.  She is now doing so well and has a beautiful head of curly hair again. 
This little bear really helped me through!
This project is not all about making money, it is to make special comfort quilts for the children who are going through their treatments on their journeys to health. However as we've gone along I have received several generous donations ... gifts from customers at the demonstration day I did for Card-io in Wigan in return for my templates and samples, a generous cheque later in the post from Kathy in Ormskirk who had enjoyed the day so much, some money from Sue H to pay for something I didn't want paying for and now the £40 for the Tiny Teds from Annie. This totalled a big fat £123 which has gone to the CHICS funds and will be put to good use to help provide treats and days out during the Summer for the children.
Huge thanks to everyone for being so very kind.


  1. Another fabulous quilt bag from our Annie and the cutest little ducky ever to make some wee person smile!
    Well done Jo(bart) on the additional funds for Chics and I love Jo(twig)'s poem to go with those gorgeous little bears.

  2. On this day when I am full of a nasty bug and feeling a little sorry for myself, this puts everything into perspective Jo. How wonderful that people have been so kind and generous and how wonderful is Annie for making the Teds (and Jo for the amazing poem)! It really warms the heart..... Annie's quilt is fabulous too. Hugs, Anne x

  3. a lovely colourful quilt, it will be loved along with the little duck.Love the little teds, so cute and raising a few pounds into the bargin, a win, win situation!
    Hope all the bugs leave soon before it is my turn lol

  4. I have one of Annie’s little bears too Jo.
    She sent him to me when dad was ill and it certainly helped me get through some very rough times. I still carry him around with me in my bag………..the teddy, not my dad, Lol!
    Yet another beautiful quilt as well, I don’t know where she finds the time to make all these beautiful things but I’m glad she does because I love seeing them all. Well done Annie!

  5. Wow Jo - what a grand total. It never ceases to amaze me how kind folks can be. I am sure every penny will help brighten someone's day so isn't that brilliant. Annie's quilt is another triumph - she is a clever old thing isn't she (now I am waiting to see her comment on that one!!!) x Jo

  6. Another fab quilt and the little chic is so cute. the teddies are brilliant too.... running out of superlatives! ...
    I surppose it is inevitable that the lovely peeps out there that cannot make quilts will want to help in some way, what a brilliant pressie for chics.
    I'm off to feel sorry for myself as i have a bug now too. Erin was far to energetic today :)

  7. Hi did I miss this post? Busy days I guess :-) So glad to hear how well the little bears were received and that they are not only making a few pennies but that they are working their magic whereever they go :-)
    A x

  8. Those little teddies are so cute and just the ticket for poorly little children looking for a secret confidant. Well done on all you're doing Jo, x


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