Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Teds, Fairies, Mice & Rabbits have arrived!

Jo (Twiglet) from Powis and Annie (Wipso) from Shrophire,
Super Star Stitchers for the LillyBo Project, sent a bumper parcel of fabulous quilts and Annie also made a huge family of Tiny Teds. 
The Tiny Teds proved so popular last time Annie made them and raised lots of cash to help CHICS to do their wonderful work, as well as bringing cheer and comfort to all who are now lucky to own them.
They all come with a special poem, written by Jo, LillyBo Poet Laureate, about all the magic, caring things, these Tiny Teds can do.
Quilt No 38 
from Jo, with lots of Teds to bring so much fun to the little one who receives it.
There's even a soft cuddly Ted, to go into the pocket of the matching handy tote, and there's even a little Ted motif on the back of the quilt.
Dancing Fairies will delight a little girl, 
 No 39, made by Annie 
with a special fairy doll to pop into the pocket of the bag.
Super Star Fabric and a Mouse Orchestra, in lovely red, white and blue colours
No 40 made by Jo
A super cool, soft mouse provides the perfect finishing touch. I love the keyboard edge to the pocket.
Pretty pastels and more Teds from Annie for... 
No 41 
Annie knitted a gorgeous cuddly pink rabbit too as a pocket toy.
Thanks so much to Annie and Jo. It's really lovely to receive more quilts after the break whilst so many people, including me, have been on holiday. 
We also have 11 in the pipeline, brought back from Spain by the son of mamapez Kate. So kindly made by a group of English Ladies who live there and who meet up to craft together. They wanted to be part of the LillyBo project so they made their quilts as a joint effort especially to give to the children here. 
We should be able to meet up to take delivery of the quilts sometime next week.


  1. Thanks Jo. Really hope they all work a little of our special magic for all who get them.
    Annie x

  2. Oh my, Jo and Annie have been busy! What lovely quilts they are, and the toys for the pockets are such a lovely extra. How does Annie manage to make all those little teddies so perfectly?
    How lovely that you have inspired ladies in Spain to make quilts too!

  3. Just imagine - all those litle quilts winging their way from Spain to Liverpool - that's really special isn't it. Thanks for the comments Jo - we really have loved doing them and will continue to have fun making them - what a great cause. x Jo

  4. These are all beautiful. Annie and Jo are such talented and generous folk. The teddies remind me of ones my sister used to make for us, and I always treasured mine.
    Ben says he is meeting you on Friday so hopefully you will soon have our bundle! Kate x

  5. Hi jo
    lovely to see such fab quilts made while you were away and even one from your holiday. I'm sure they will be much loved. I have written to one of the quilting magazines but I haven't had a reply so I might try another one

  6. Wow how awesome these are Jo what blessing to your hearts and those who receive them.
    May God bless their kindness, Shaz in oz.x

  7. These are just perfect Jo and it’s just amazing that everyone is still being so generous and are still making quilts for the project. I won’t have time this week as I’m off to my cousins 60th in Dorset this weekend but when I get back I’ll break out the craft stuff again and make you a new batch of cards.

    Keep up the fantastic work girls!

  8. my, word, what goodness abounds! Love the quilts and extras, and what a lovely poem too. Helen

  9. What stunning quilts and teddies, these will be treasured and loved.
    (not been around as I have been back to Oz) lol


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