Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bravery Bead Bags & Quilts from Jo & Annie

Beads of Courage
We're adding something new to our expertise by making these little bags to hold Bravery Beads.
The beads are given to the children as an award to mark each stage of their treatment and progress. 
There are beads for different processes and for their courage.
Below are the ones my little granddaughter received in Germany, one by one and now she has finished her treatment they remind us of all she went through so bravely. The last one marked such a an important point.
 It has a little flower on it and she called it her "Bloomsie Bead"
No sooner had I mentioned that the unit had started awarding the children these special beads and that we had been requested to make the bags to keep them in....  through the post within a week came 10 special bags from Super Star Stitcher Jo in Powys. Thanks so much Jo and that makes a total of 20 bags donated already but I forgot to photograph the ones I made. 
Apologies that I've been so lax in posting the quilts which have been so generously donated over the last couple of weeks but at first I was so busy to get time then the computer was off and needed a new modem.

Quilt No 61 
from a lovely lady, Dot in Birkenhead, who visited me specially in Abakhan store and then soon came in with this lovely cheery one with a great use of colour and some super prints.
Thanks so much Dot
Annie and Jo came all the way from Shropshire to surprise me, kindly transported by Annie's lovely husband. What a joy it was to meet them both at long last and what a fun day we enjoyed together. 
They brought lots of goodies for CHICS fundraising sale and two new quilts for the children.

No 62 
from Annie (Wipso)in Shropshire made this lovely colourful quilt which will provide so much fun for a little one to play and learn.

She also added a little handy zip bag, a tote and a Zebra sock puppet to compliment the images on the fabric. The Zebra is great to play with and I couldn't leave it alone!
No 63 from Jo (Twiglet) in Powys is a real girly treat in lilac with lots of little characters she drew and appliqued with stitches herself. 
Along with a tote bag there is a row of dancing dollies for a special little Miss to enjoy playing with and they attach by their hands with Velcro. 
Great idea that I'm sure I'll steal one day.
I just love this little Miss... isn't she cute?
Thanks so much to all three of you and there will be more quilts very soon that have been kindly made by some of the families of the children in the unit so keep popping in!


  1. I love the idea of the beads and their little bags as ongoing rewards for the treatment. Is there a preferred size for the bag?
    Beautiful quilts, Dot's is so bright and cheerful, Jo's is so little girl using those lilac shades and Annie's vibrant animal one with the zebra, what gems!

  2. Good to see things have calmed down a bit for you. The bags are a great idea I feel a need to do some sewing they will be really easy and quick to make ... Me thinks .
    Love tha little dolly def an idea to copy

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments Jo - happy to help in any way at all. Those quilts are so special. x Jo

  4. So glad you liked the quilts and bits Jo. It's just what we do :-) When you have an ability we feel it's important that others should benefit in some way and what better way to use our talents?
    Biggest hugs Jo for all your efforts in organising it all.
    Annie x

  5. some more stunning quilts, love the zebra and I think we will all pinch the doll idea lol


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