Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hermosas Colchas, Quilts from Spain

I'm hoping Hermosas Colchas means Beautiful Quilts in English, but I'm sure someone will tell me if it doesn't.

Here are some of the wonderful ladies, in Spain, who stitched eleven quilts for the LillyBo Project.
Many thanks to each and every one of them.
 I'm sure they all have hearts of gold to part with such beautiful treasures but they've given them to such a good cause.
What a collection.... in fact, I've just discovered that the collective phrase is.... 
"A Hotbed of Quilts"! 
I bet you didn't know, ladies, that between you, you have created a HOTBED!!!
 Thanks go to Angie Carter who made
Quilt No 45
Quilt 46 
Made by Barbara Weeks. Thanks Barbara!
Eleven cute and cuddly Hello Kitty toys, knitted by Eileen Kennedy, in several colours so there's one to match each quilt. 
Thank you to Eileen for all these little surprises.
All so beautifully made and each one appreciated.
More to come another day soon!


  1. Aaaaw, how wonderful, those quilts are beaatiful and what a cute bunch of HK's you have there too! Eileen has been busy with her knitting needles!

  2. What fab quilts ladies and those little hello kitties are really gorgeous.
    Hugs to you all,
    Annie x

  3. I'll let you get away with that Jo. La cocha is a bedspread, and quilt is el edredón, but interestingly the verb 'to quilt' is 'acolchar' !
    You may be interested to know that the lady on the far left of the photo celebrates her 70th birthday this week. She still makes beautiful full-bed size quilts, and she sews every stitch by hand!
    Thanks for this lovely feature. I will make sure all the ladies get to see it. Kate x

  4. How stunning are these! bet you never thought this project would blossom so far afield when you started.Hats off to the hand stitching ladies, make me feel I am cheeting lol and fab knitting with the Hello kitties

    PS Thanks also to Sue H for her fab cards to go with these quilts


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