Monday, 22 July 2013

Super Star Stamper Sue

Monday, 22 July 2013

Super Star Stamper Sue!

Such a lovely selection of hand crafted cards arrived from our Super Star Stamper Sue H with good timing as I was going to deliver quilts to the hospital unit. 
Sue kindly supports us by making these fabulous cards and one is given to the families with each LillyBo Quilt.
Inside they tell the story of how, and why, we started making the comfort quilts for the children and have a lovely little poem written by Sue. 
They have received so much praise and proved as popular as the quilts!
 I wanted you to see the detail Sue puts into each one and whilst each is so different, they all link in beautifully with the quilts. 
Here's a selection as I certainly can't choose a favourite.

 Next post showcases three super quilts made by UK Mary Anne.


  1. Sue's cards are all so beautiful Jo and, like you, I couldn't choose a favourite. Thanks Sue.
    Annie x

  2. Sue, you are such a star, these are all wonderful and must take you as much time as it does for us to make the quilts lol, Thank you
    Tilly x

  3. These are beautiful. What a lovely idea. Kate x

  4. Oh Jo - what a stunning selection of cards - they are just perfect aren't they. Well done Sue! x Jo

  5. Sue makes the most stunning cards to go with the quilts and I am sure they are kept by their new owners to go with the quilts.

  6. Oh wow, these are amazing and such a wonderful idea x

    K x


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