Thursday, 18 July 2013

Three Cheers for the Red, White, & Blue, Quilt No 54

Red, white, and blue bunting makes this a special quilt from
 Janet Fairythoughts in Hampshire
Quilt No 54
When I take photos of the quilts my DH carefully holds each one up and I edit him out but I had to show this one with his legs dangling beneath. aaaahhh! He was in shorts with the weather being so hot!

Here on the matching tote bag you can see all the dinosaurs in the fabric panels that Janet used for the centre. She also, so thoughtfully, included a couple of little dinosaur books hidden in an inside pocket. 
It really will be lots of fun for one of the children.
Thanks so much to Janet.

 Children's Cancer Support

Here's a picture of the most recent delivery of LillyBo quilts to Eddie of CHICS who distributes them to the children.  
Eddie told me that some of the children discarded their old cuddle blankets in favour of their new quilt so it is lovely that all the Super Star's Stitching means so much and brings such joy to them.
Eddie also told me that most of the parents are so touched by the gift of a quilt that they are moved to tears. They are amazed that people they have never met from all over the world can care so much.
I, in return, am so moved to hear this. 


  1. It moves me to tears too's my age! I really love this bright cheery quilt as I am sure any little one would.
    Oh and thanks for spoiling my illusion....I was imagining Dave in the buff behind that quilt! ;-)
    Annie x

  2. Oh wow Jo, That’s an amazing new delivery of quilts and all so colourful.
    I bet when you started this you never imagined that you would be delivering quilt no. 54… amazing feat!
    I’m glad that the latest batch of cards arrived in time for this delivery and I’ll be sending you some more in a week or two………just as well because it looks like you’re going to need them.

    Lots of Love

  3. Oh my naughty little sister - fancy saying that!!!!!! Fab Quilt from Janet - someone will just love those dinosaurs. Yes it certainly brings a tear to the eye - but a happy one! x Jo

  4. LOL @ the legs popping out at the bottom of the quilt... I am so glad you mentioned that they were your husbands because I was going to hint that maybe it was time to get the epilator out!! ;)
    What an absolutely gorgoeus quilt from Janet, love the colours and the pattern. So lovely to see the handover photo, the quilts always look so lovely when they are spread like that and its great to think that some of the little peeps actually give up their cuddle blankies for them!!

  5. a stunning quilt in those vivid colours, I am also amazed that you have managed to aquire so many for your appeal...........I also, was HOPING that your loving husband had some sort of clothing on during this hot weather !! lol
    Tilly x

  6. great legs!
    Its not really the time of year to wear a quilt is it?
    Hopefully the quilts will give the same comfort when the children need it most.


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