Friday, 12 July 2013

Quilts Galore!

More wonderful quilts from Spain

Quilt No 47 made by Gloria Bishop
Big Thanks go to Gloria who hand stitched all these traditional Granny's Garden flowers.
What an achievement and such patience!

A lot of hand quilting went into this lovely soft peachy quilt from Francis Mellor
Thanks so much Frances, it's so cuddly!
As with all of the quilts, the backs are as good as the front but with this one I really couldn't decide which side was which!!

The next bright geometric quilt with a soft fleece backing, so beautifully made.
Many thanks to Theresa Edwards for
No 49

Some more lovely fabrics and again a soft fleece backing from Francine Bruzzone for No 50
Thanks so much to Francine.



  1. So much love and hard work gone into each and every one! x Jo

  2. what beautiful quilts and hand stitched........ I think you may have been waiting a longgggggg while if mine were made this way lol
    stunning quilts ladies
    Tilly x

  3. Beautiful quilts, our Spanish contingent have been so busy!!

  4. So many gorgeous quilts again Jo. Love coming from around the world. :-)
    Isn't it all so special? I'm certain that surround these poorly little ones with all this love just has to help.
    Annie x


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