Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Super Star Stitchers of Spain

Kate of manualidades por mi blog is part of a craft group in Spain, where she lives, who so kindly made 11 fabulous quilts (and knitted Hello Kitty toys) for the  LillyBo project. As they were unable to find somewhere to donate them in their area, Kate decided that they should come to England for the children here.
Some quilts were made by individual ladies but some were made as a co-operative effort with someone cutting, someone stitching, and someone trimming them.
Lets send a huge vote of thanks to the people involved;
Gloria Bishop, Barbara Weeeks, Francis Mellor, Maureen Crocker, Carol Heath, Theresa Edwards, Angie Carter, Francine Bruzzone, 
and knitted toys by Eileen Kennedy.
Not forgetting the organising by Kate Perry and the help of her son Ben.

I'll showcase the lovely quilts a few at a time and this first one was made by 
Barbara Weeks
No 42
Kate then hatched up a cunning plan to transport them and when her son Ben visited her for a holiday he was "volunteered" to bring them home with him. The group that made the quilts very generously paid the airline for an extra suitcase (and they filled it), from their charity funds and so they arrived in Birmingham on the next stage of their journey. 

Ben, the Super Quilt Smuggler, brought the suitcase to Liverpool by train and handed them over to me a few days ago. It was so lovely to meet up with this special young man who was so kind to go the extra mile (and more) to do a good deed. Thanks so much to Ben, to Kate, and to all the ladies in the group who made the quilts.
Kate, I know, is very proud of all five of her sons and I can well understand after meeting Ben. 
After meeting at the station we went to Sudely Hall for an early lunch, and a quick browse around, to break his journey. 
Here's our meeting with THAT far travelled suitcase, by a Superlambanana!
No 43 
a joint effort
Another joint effort for 
No 44

I just have to show a pic of this beautiful cat who spends most of it's days roaming in and out and strolling around the station. It was just like a mini tiger and so clever at negotiating the automatic doors.
Still 8 more quilts from Spain to show over the next few day so keep looking in!


  1. Oh my goodness, that is so wonderful of the lovely ladies to make all those quilts, and such fabby quilts at that! Also, how super of Ben to make sure that they arrived safely!

  2. So lovely of that kind young man to "smuggle" your quilts from Spain. The world is a smaller place with folk like him and Kate & Co around. The quilts are lovely too. x Jo

  3. They are all wonderful quilts ladies and special love must go to each and every one that helped to get them to you Jo. What a fab bunch they are.
    Annie x

  4. Well done to all the ladies, and to Ben, some beautiful quilts for your appeal!


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