Monday, 22 July 2013

Mary Anne's Magic

Mary Anne, to lots of you, that's UK MaryAnne of scrappystickyinky mess, in Hampshire, made these super colourful quilts quite some time ago and took the opportunity, at my suggestion, to hand them to Donna when they met up in Wiltshire. Donna planned to come up North to visit me and deliver them but in the meantime badly sprained her ankle but all is not lost as we drove to Derby on Saturday, had a lovely day with her, she made a beautiful lunch for us, we met Lilly her new puppy, did a bit of crafting, and finally collected these three super quilts. All's well that ends well.
 Huge thanks to Mary Anne for the quilts and to Donna for her hospitality.
Quilt No 58
Here's the bag which turns it into a cosy cushion 
You can't help SMILE now, can you, when you see this?
No 59
Love the cow print on the back and it also trims the kit bag.

Bright yellows and gold shades for No 60 with little triangle trims all around the edge. I know Mary Anne found this quite difficult to do but she did it so well.
This bag too turns the quilt into a soft pillow. 
Thanks so much Mary Anne and I'm so pleased to get have them at last to take along to the unit. I know they'll be a great hit with the children.


  1. I knew that MA's would be gorgeous, I have seen examples of her quilting in the past, and these are super indeed! The stripey one is a stunner, Ilove the bright smile one, yes, you just have to smile... and all those triangles on the yellow and gold.... yikes!! Well done MA!!

  2. Lovely quilts - Mary Anne is definitly an amazing quilter - wow! The kids will love these!
    Lots of hugs,

  3. Oh wow these are really stunning. Mary Anne truly is a talented patchworker. What gorgeous colours. There will be three little lucky little ones to receive these.
    Annie x

  4. more stunning quilts to make a little one smile........ I never thought you would get so many when you started your appeal... well done to everyone

  5. These quilts are amazing! What gorgeous colourful affairs they are! Some child will love owning one of them. Kate x

  6. Oh wow! Hours of hard work gone into those I am sure - well done Mary Anne - they are fab. x Jo

  7. Yes indeed you have to smile and why not, so much work had gone into the making of them I think it was quite a journey for MA. Well done to her . Amazing to think you are upto no 60 already but also bitter sweet as it is sad there are so many children who need them

  8. Oh WOW Mary Anne, you have been busy!

    All the quilts are beautiful but I really love the ‘Smile’ one.

    And just to let you know Jo, I’ll be putting another dozen or so cards in the post for you tomorrow.


  9. Mary Anne has done a beautiful job of her quilts. Your appeal is going great isn't it. I confess your remit is still on my notice board I just need to get a move on and make it !

    K x


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